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Fortnite Community Battles are over. Now, you can just see the result and the rewards that the winner will get after participating in this battle. Even though you don’t participate in this battle but we guess that you’re really curious to know the rewards.

However, knowing the Community Battles reward can be a goal number that you should reach for the next community battle. To reach a certain number at least you have to prepare your Fortnite skill battle. So, let’s check the community battles rewards out!

Community Battles Rewards

Community Battles Rewards

Here are any rewards that you can get from Fortnite Community Battles:

  • Earning for 200 V-Bucks after reaching top 5000 on the leaderboard of the winning team.
  • Earning for 250 V-Bucks after reaching top 1000 on the leaderboard of the winning team.
  • Earning for 1000 V-Bucks after reaching top 100 on the leaderboard of the winning team.

The Community Battles Rewards in detail:

  • #1: 2,500 V-Bucks
  • #2: 2,250 V-Bucks
  • #3: 2,000 V-Bucks
  • #4: 1,750 V-Bucks
  • #5: 1,500 V-Bucks
  • #6: 1,250 V-Bucks
  • #7-25: 1,000 V-Bucks
  • #26-100: 800 V-Bucks
  • #101-500: 500 V-Bucks
  • #500-5,000:300 V-Bucks
  • #5,001-10,000: 250 V-Bucks
  • #10,001-20,000: 200 V-Bucks

Those are a reference of the Community Battles rewards which is generally used in the battle.

The Result of the Community Battles

You may wonder to know who the winners of the community battles are. Whoever wins the battles, they totally perform for the battles as much as possible. Here are the results of the Community Battles:

Battle 1 Result

For first place For second place
Team: Mecha Team Leader Team: Iron Man
Teammates: 67742 Teammates: 68257
Points: 75 465 129 Points: 60 166 998

Battle 2 Result

For first place For second place
Team: Fish Stick Team: Thor
Teammates: 100000 Teammates: 100000
Points: 135 973 358 Points: 99 006 934

 Battle 3 Result

For first place For second place
Team: Raven Team: Doctor Doom
Teammates: 92001 Teammates: 91810
Points: 107 581 664 Points: 66 532 607

 Battle 4 Result

For first place For second place
Team: Bushranger Team:Groot
Teammates: 50631 Teammates: 50673
Points: 150 410 203 Points: 126 795 122

Battle 5 Result

For first place For second place
Team: Dark Bomber Team: Mystique
Teammates: 60999 Teammates: 60962
Points: 101 847 709 Points: 62 682 142

The Leaderboard of the Community Battles

Aside from the fifth battle results, you also want to know the member who wins the battle, don’t you? Here’s the list of community battles members who won the battle.

Members (Top 30)

Place Player Team Total Score
1 Itz_Ferny12 Barcagamer 89 794
2 Zesk18 Juan Guarnizo 81 453
3 Nyeejmar DanYancat 71 858
4 7ZG IslaFTW Arigameplays 64 794
5 Dominic SSJ Dedrevil 62 916
6 Dansiul-DK DanYancat 62 682
7 Brannjonas Alex PH 60 387
8 Brayurcis3495 Alex PH 60 263
9 Victrick 7w7 Juan Guarnizo 57 908
10 Golden Diaboo DanYancat 57 859
11 Edgar Uriel 117 Juan Guarnizo 56 540
12 Marving678_MG Juan Guarnizo 56 027
13 Maximux Pgamer Paitambenjoga 54 614
14 PotatoHeadTroll Salvatretzzo 53 163
15 Faker Andr3k Salvatretzzo 52 383
16 Carhio Melany 51 511
17 Deku Mirodiya Diana Monster 48 138
18 Chocoloco Diana Monster 47 942
19 Srbihotes4k Salvatretzzo 47 826
20 Cupra_75 Dedrevil 47 685
21 Vision_ Dedrevil 47 638
22 Halo891690 Salvatretzzo 47 598
23 Epsilus Danyancat 47 436
24 Pacmanio KR2 YT TheSlayer360 47 426
25 TSM-Pucox Salvatretzzo 47 178
26 Not SEUNG Danyancat 46 549
27 Ale3Re Dedrevil 46 442
28 Angel Gamerhd Juan Guarnizo 45 868
29 Tann Tan Patriota 45 170
30 Christhian Ardon TheSlayer360 44 841

How to Join in Fortnite Community Battles

You’re probably interested to join a team in Fortnite Community Battles. At least you have to know step-by-step to join a team in Fortnite Community battles. Here’s how to join a team in Community Battles for the next battle:

  • Firstly, go to the Fortnite ‘s community battle site at
  • Once you are at the site, you need to login using your Epic Games account.
  • Then, you will be allowed to choose a team. Make sure to choose the best team.
  • After you choose a team, you can start to play Fortnite to get the points for your team.
  • You must lead your team to Victory and earn the rewards during playing Fortnite.
  • Finally, getting a new battle and reward every day is a must-do for you.

Congratulations! Once you’re following the step above, you certainly will get started in community battles.

What is the Community Battle?

The Community Battles is an event which allows you to choose a team  and  play Fortnite to earn points for your team. The Community Battles can be accessed at It means that you firstly have to access the site in order to join into the community.

Recently, Epic Games has announced the Fortnite Community battle a few days ago. The top members in this community will get up to 1000 V-Bucks and a free spray. In addition, Fortnite community battle is underway with full gear.

In order to participate in the community battles, at least you have to pick up a team and then play Fortnite to get points for your team which is eligible for a V-Bucks reward. When you want to participate in this battle, you can either select Team Mecha Team Leader or Team Iron Man.

There will be only 100,000 players in each team based on the rules. So if a team that you choose is full, you need to choose the other team. You definitely can choose one team or others. In this battle, you can also change the team choice for each day of the community battles. So, don’t worry if your team loses one day.

Keep in mind to participate in this battle, you can sign up and compete every day. Each day will feature the two brand new teams. Then, they are going to battle it out to see who comes out on top. For more information, the Community Battles will take place everyday so you can check back often when you are ready for battle.

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