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Fortnite is full of events as the collaboration between Epic Games and some parties including with any famous corporation, with some popular musician, with some professional-competitive Fortnite players and many more.

Of course, it’s such a breakthrough from Epic Games, remembering Fortnite as the hottest battle game in the world so they want to serve the best of the best offer to make the players enthusiastic to join the Fortnite game. One of the fun events in Fortnite which will attract many players to join is the Creator’s Challenges. Are you curious about it? Let’s find out the facts below!

What is the Creator’s Challenge in Fortnite?

Creator’s Challenge is a new set of tasks that you can get from a specific creator. As we know that there are a numerous of gaming creators in Fortnite with the best gameplay and performance in Fortnite. Of course, it will make the participant confused to choose the Fortnite creators, won’t it?

Fortnite Creator Challenge

The Fortnite Creator’s Challenges is a new challenge as the collaboration with the pro-players of Fortnite. In fact, Epic Games have recently announced a Creator’s Challenge named “Fortnite & Twitch Creators’ Challenge”. Here, the players can support their favorite streamer on Twitch with Fortnite  and get the reward.

Just like for the previous challenge which was ever held in Fortnite. Yeah…Epic Games definitely have had several Team Challenges in the past year including the Fortnite Autumn Queen’s Quest in which all Fortnite players should get 2,500,000,000 points together to unlock the Falling Leaf Wrap for free. Then, the players should obtain the points by completing the challenges including playing matches with a friend, reviving a teammate, and healing allies with a Bandage Bazooka.

Well, the Creator’s Challenge is also not far from the previous challenge ever made in Fortnite.

When Does the Creator’s Challenge Take Place?

The Creator’s Challenge will begin on November 16th, 2020 which features popular content creators such as SkivexFN and Natehill. The duration period is starting from 16th November 2020 at 11:00 AM to 22nd November 2020 at 12:00 PM EST. This challenge is totally limited to the first 500,000 participants which will have the chance to earn emotes, Twitch bits, emoticons and V-Bucks.

What are the Kinds of Tasks in Fortnite Creator’s Challenge?

As we’ve explained above, to complete the Creator’s Challenge at least you need to complete some tasks which allow you to earn the rewards. At least, there are two main tasks that you should do: one in Fortnite and the other one on Twitch.

You surely have to complete both to earn the rewards. Here, you can also see the details of the tasks in your account on the site. Ensure that your in-game account is open in order to the Fortnite tasks will be tracked.

Here is a list of details tasks of the Creator’s Challenges that you should complete:

  • Watching the Creator a total of 10,000,000 minutes.
  • Playing for a total of 20 minutes in the Solo game mode.
  • Following the Creator’s channel after linking your Twitch account.
  • Playing Fortnite for a total of 10,000,000 minutes.
  • Making a comment with the word “Fortnite” in the Creator’s chat.
  • Playing for a total of 30 minutes in the Duos game mode.
  • Watching the Creator’s stream for a total of 30 minutes.
  • Making a total of 3 eliminations in the Solo game mode.
  • Watching the Creator’s stream for a total of 30 minutes or subscribe to the Creator’s channel.
  • Playing for a total of 60 minutes in the Solo game mode
  • Sending any emote received during the Creators’ Challenge.
  • Placing in top 25 for a total of 5 times in the Duos game mode.
  • Following the Fortnite Twitch account.
  • Placing in top 25 during a Solo game.
  • Using 500 channel points on the Creator’s channel.
  • Making a total of 5 eliminations in the Squads game mode.

Well, those are all tasks that you have to complete in this Creator’s Challenge. Make sure to do all of them and to not skip a task. Understand, Dude?

The Rewards that You’ll Get from the Creator’s Challenge

Just like for other challenges in Fortnite, you certainly want to earn the rewards when you are participating in a Fortnite challenge, don’t you? So as with the Creator’s Challenge in Fortnite, you absolutely will get any rewards. Here’s the rewards you’ll earn:

  • Twitch chat emote x2
  • Fortnite emoticon x2
  • 100 free V-Bucks
  • 100 Twitch bits
  • Fortnite banner

Keep in mind each creator has their own rewards options that they will give to you. To know the rewards from the creator you choose, you  absolutely can check the creator’s rewards out on the site homepage.

Then, the reward automatically will be sent to your account within 30 days after the activation is over. While, the rewards will be sent to your Twitch account within 24 hours after the activation is over. Moreover, the Twitch emotes will be available for one month once they are sent to you except that you subscribe to the channel of the creator you have chosen. While if you subscribed to their channel during the activation, the emotes are yours.

How to Join with the Creator’s Challenge?

If you are really interested in joining this challenge, you definitely have to follow some steps that guide you to start for the Creator’s challenge. Here’s how to join into the Creator’s Challenge:

  • Firstly, you need to go to the site at
  • Once you access the site, you will see multiple steps that you should follow on the site, they are: (1) Pick Your Favorite Creator, (2) Complete Tasks from the Creator’s Challenge and (3) Earn Rewards in Fortnite and Twitch.
  • Then, you need to login with an Epic Games account.
  • After that, choose the Twitch Creator you like to support.
  • Once you do that, you’re ready to compete.
  • Here, you can use the landing page to check the progress and claim your rewards.

That’s easy to join, isn’t it? Well, make sure to keep tracking your progress in this challenge to get the reward as quickly as possible.

To note, the Creator’s Challenge is just available for the players in the United States with over the age of thirteen.

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