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Fortnite always gives something new to make players more fun when they are playing games. Now, Fortnite has cross platform voice chat which can make players easier in syncing up with their squad and staying in touch with friends. If you want to use this feature, you just have to enable it and then adjust several things.

Cross Platform Voice Chat in Fortnite is a feature which allows your friends talk even if they are not playing the game. Party Hub which is available in the mobile apps of the game, allows you to see which of your friends are online and begin audio conversations with them. For your information, this feature is based on the same technology which is developed by Houseparty.

However, now the chat is limited to audio even though the company states that text chatting is under development. So, there is the possibility that they will add video chat. By using this cross platform chat, you are able to talk to friends in the Party Hub even of your friends are playing a game and you are not. If you begin a conversation in the mobile app with your friends and then you want to play on a PC or video game console, do not have to be worried about the conversation that you have started because the chat that you have started will be transferred there just by opening Fortnite on the device that you want to use.

In this cross platform chat feature, you are also able to prevent people from beginning chats with you of joining your party and you can do this by tapping a lock icon over your avatar. If you want, you are also able to invite new people to your chat by ringing one of the Ilama bells of the game on various screens throughout the app.

How To Enable This Cross Platform Chat?

This feature can be automatically used by you so that you will be allowed to chat with anyone you are grouped with regardless of platform and even on mobile. To do this, of course you have to be in the group to engage in a conversation with anyone. If you are not able to to talk or hear from anyone in your party, you have to do something with it so that you can use cross platform chat again. To fix this, you have to bring up the options menu by clicking the gear icon. Then, go to the audio section and make sure that you turn on the voice chat setting. If you turn it off, it will prevent you from hearing and talking to any of your friends. You are also able to toggle the voice chat setting from inside the lobby or during a match. If you use mobile, you are able to toggle the push to talk setting if you want to easily turn on or off the chat setting at a press of a button while in-game.

This chat is limited to people you are grouped with. If you are out of the group, you cannot talk cross platform with them through the in-game voice chat. So, use this feature wisely.

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