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Profile picture is a vital thing that can make people know you through online game. In fact, many Fortnite players are successful in communicating with other players by displaying a best profile picture. To display a best picture, many Fortnite players prefer to choose one of the Fortnite avatars. However, the Fortnite avatar with awesome skin adds a special attraction for anyone who sees it.

In this case, we are going to give you a reference to determine what skins are really good for your profile picture on Fortnite account. Certainly, we already know that there are tons of Fortnite skins that you can choose for your avatar. But, just some of them can make you falling in love with it.

Many Fortnite players are so ambitious to display the profile picture with female look. In fact, female visual can make all people interested to look and have curiosity for it.

So, in this chance, we also will recommend you to choose one of the female skins in Fortnite that probably will make everyone love it more.

One of the skins that make people falling in love is Crystal Skin.

The Crystal skin is a one of attractive skins which is successful in making many Fortnite players to use it a lot. Unfortunately, this is involved as the rare skin that will appear when it’s in diary rotation. So, if you have a chance to buy this skin, please buy it soon.

The Crystal skin comes with female skin which is as an Uncommon rarity Fortnite outfit. This skin is represented by a young cute woman which has two childish tails and pretty lavender hair. She also has some strands and bangs that still fall over her face. Look at her two narrow eyes, it looks very serious and angry with round glasses and some makeup on her face.


Furthermore, she is also wearing a blue and black sleeveless crop top with a high collar. Then, a beautiful jewel on a rope hanging around her neck totally makes her more gorgeous in visual. She wears the black gloves with the open finger on her hands. Then, her left hand is covered with a white bandage.

How to get this Crystal skin?

Of course, if you want to use the Crystal skin as your profile picture, it is better for you to get it first. You can get it by purchasing in the Item Shop when it appears. Just spending for bout 800 v-bucks, definitely you already have this awesome female skin.

Crystal Skin’s Facts

Here are some facts about the Crystal skin:

  • This Crystal skin was released on August 03, 2019 with the last seen on May 05, 2020
  • It is involved as the rare outfit type in Fortnite.
  • It is available in the Item Shop and will be appear when its rotation.
  • The Crystal skin comes with female visually look.
  • It costs for about 800 v-bucks.

Clarity, wits and vision are the Crystal skin’s motto. So, what are you waiting to buy this skin for your Fortnite profile picture?

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