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YouTuber Selage made a parkour map which is reminiscent of CSGO’s surf maps. In this case, Selage uses the Chiller floor panels for simulating the feeling of players once they are playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s surf maps. Apparently, this surf map also is similar to lots of  the CSGO surf maps visually.

Based on the research, this map reaches number one because it  transcends games and appeals to the players of both Fornite and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). If this map is as successful as it deserves to be, we are able to see many more surf maps in Fortnite’s future. By the way, what the code for Fortnite CSGO surf? For your information, the creative code for Fortnite CSGO Surf is 5575-9424-6589.


Several guides recommend to use CSGO simulator, but we think that much more useful to use CSGO surf servers and maps. After that, you are able to find one of the many CSGO surf servers. You have to know that a popular place to start your surfing career is the map named “surf_mesa”. Please subscribe to in steam maps workshop and your game client is going to download it automatically.


You are able to start a game and open the console with the ~key. Please enter “map workshop\450516696\surf_mesa” or whichever map you are starting on. After that, you have to find yourself on the desired map. There are lots of Fortnite CSGO surf maps. Next, you are able to select the one that looks best to you. Besides, you are able also to start map from your workshop.


You have to note that surfing needs a great deal of precision and accuracy for the surfers to be successful at it. Your aiming and jump placement requires to be spot-on in order to be a talented surfer. Aside from that, surfing also will help with movement in the regular game. Make sure that you are not jumping around and surfing in the regular game to the degree you are once you surf, but surfing is able to teach you regarding the movement in CSGO by enhancing it to a degree which creates it more obvious to surfers. It is easy to apply what you learn as a surfer to the regular game. Generally, the games need many coordination, accuracy and awareness to be successful at playing them, especially in the competitive communities.

We get information that Fortnite CSGO has one of the most active and lively communities in the world. Of course, it is important to know the best ways for getting ahead in these communities if you want to be talented or even professional within them. We think that surfing is a good method to sharpen your coordination so that once you enter regular play, your coordination is greater than that of the professionals you play against. Now, try to give surfing, and then see how it affects your play. We are sure that you may be surprised.

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