Fortnite Cube Memorial Locations

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Fortnite Cube Memorials locations are known as part of the Worlds Collide challenge, complete all of them for rewards, XP and cosmetics. This one involves finding the Cube Memorials located around the map. Each of them looks like a titled dark grey cube, and there are two Cube Memorials in total. The first one is by the lake and the second one is in the desert. For the Prestige challenge, you will need to visit both Cube Memorials.

You will be able to find the first Cube Memorial in the southeast portion of the map, on top of one of the some mesas just a little southwest of Paradise Palms. As you dive in, you will want to look for the mesa with what looks like a ring or burn marks on it. In the center of the ring, there is Cube Memorial.

Some people think the first one is in the desert on the plateau where the Cube first appeared. The tribute of it is a small statue of the Cube with a plaque in front of it. you are allowed to break the plaque, bot not the Cube itself.

The second location of Cube memorial is a bit harder to find compared to the first one because it is not where you imagine it might be. It is right outside the Loot Lake location, where there is currently an energy orb exploding and messing up the timelines of the island. actually, it is not there and it is not in the anti-gravity field at all. Rather, you are looking for the little grassy outcropping to the southwest of the orb area, and you will be able to find the identical Cube Memorial there. You will remember that this one is where we met the Cube for the first time some time ago. Please look for the giant glowing aura that encompasses the vault buried in Loot Lake. Outside of the area, there is what remains of the actual lake part or Loot Lake. On the small grassy island, with a bit of rock sticking out, you will be able to find the second Cube Memorial.

How to complete the Cube Memorials challenge? Once you know all the locations of Cube Memorial, you only have to visit one of them in order to complete the challenge, so please pick your preferred one and glide there at the beginning of a match for the quickest result. However, for those who are hoping to clear the Prestige version of the challenge, you will have to visit both memorials within a single match. The best bet for it is to start at the desert. If you are lucky enough, there is ATK that will spawn nearby, allowing you to make your way to the other memorial quickly.

For those who are coming from the top down to get the prestige achievement to visit both in a match, do not forget that the orb is actually a rift itself. The most interesting thing of Fortnite Cube Memorial challenge is the prestige part.

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