Fortnite Dance at Different Birthday Cakes

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As one of the hottest video games in the world, Fortnite absolutely has come a long way to win the heart of million gamers throughout the globe. Certainly, many royal players around the world feel a sense of sentiment attached to this game.

Like previous Fortnite flashbacks, almost every season in this game offers many gorgeous things that you cannot get from another game. You may remember with a big event called Fortnite Party Royale which presented some popular artists, musicians, rappers and many influential people in the world.

Now, Fortnite Season 4 Week 5 will amaze you with Fortnite 3rd Birthday celebrations. To celebrate the 3rd Birthday, Fortnite will give a chance for the players to earn free rewards by completing the challenge to dance at Different birthday cakes.

Indeed, completing this challenge is such fun and pleasure as well. In this challenge, you are allowed to find different birthday cakes scattered around the Fortnite map. Well, before you dance in front of them, you definitely have to know where those birthday cakes are located.

Where are the Birthday Cakes?

There are around 10 birthday cakes that you can find in this big event of Fortnite. However, this challenge is a bit hard to complete when they first go love since dancing out in the open which means you will be sitting duck.

There is a clue that informs that most of the birthday cakes are located in the center of some of the most popular landmarks. Well, here are the location of all birthday cakes in Fortnite:

First Cake: To get the first cake, you need to head over to Retail Row. This is located toward the right of the city.

Second Cake: This cake is not far from the first one. To get it, you can make your way in the middle of Lazy Lake with a car of building yourself to activate your glider in Team Rumble mode.

Third Cake: You will find it inside Slurpy Swamp.

Fourth Cake: You can get this cake inside a house in Sweeping Woods. It is slightly off the landmark’s center. Then, you need to go forward north after making your way.

Fifth Cake: It requires you to rejoin a match since the circle can be too small for you. This cake is located in Doon’s Domain, a.k.a Pleasant Park and it is on a sidewalk close to Doom’s statue.

Sixth Cake: This cake can be found in Salty Springs which will be toward the right of the town.

Seventh Cake: This cake is one of more accessible cakes to find if you are a frequent looter of Sweaty Sands. It will be just outside of the pier’s entrance.

Eighth Cake: To find it, you can make your way toward the bottom of the map once again. Then, set your destination to Holly Hedges. You can get it in the upper part of Holly Hedges.

Ninth Cake: You can find it in Misty Meadows that leads you to cross the bridge to the right side of the landmark. It will be next to the water fountain.

Tenth Cake: The final cake will be found in Dirty Docks. To get it, you will need to get the upper part of the landmark. The cake is in a small alleyway.

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