Fortnite Dance at Different Telescopes

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Are you interested to follow the new challenge of Fortnite at the end of season 10? What is the challenge that makes the players so excited to play? Or you already follow the challenge but you may not know how to get the challenge? Then, if you also desire to follow the challenge, it is really better for you to read this article before go on. Let’s get started!

As Fortnite player, you will be so surprised in which Epic Game has provided for every Fortnite player to follow great challenge. Make sure that you complete your mission by following the challenge. As you know that for the Week 8’s of mission is mentioned Storm Racers. Then, the one of the trickier challenges allow you to dance at different telescope across the map. It means that you have to dance to get more points at different telescope and complete the mission.

However, the mission is so simple. In this case, you just have to walk up to the each of those telescopes, then, start your favorite dance to get the credit for it. Certainly, there are lots of telescope around the island, but you just only have to dance at three of them to complete the challenge. Need to know that the telescopes are really small, so they can be seen in long distance.

But, the good news is the one telescope located at the top of a hill or mountain. Then, we will give you a clue to find the telescope in easiest spot. Here are they:

  • At the top of hill in the desert Southwest of Moisty Palms.
  • At the top of mountain Southwest of Dusty Depot near the center of the island.
  • At the top of a snowy hill Southeast of Shifty Shafts.
  • Then, those are the three of Fortnite telescopes locations that you have to visit and find the telescope. If you are lucky on this challenge, absolutely you will get a chance to dance at two different telescope in a single match. So, you can complete the challenge as quick as possible.

Then, how to complete this challenge with quick time? Here are the ways to do it:

  • Step 1: The first step, you have to land at the southernmost telescope in which the most players like to be.
  • Step 2: Then, get started to dance based on what style that you love.
  • Step 3: After dancing at the telescope, then, collect the materials and also weapons in the area.
  • Step 4: Next, head north to the snowy telescope when you have collected a few materials and the weapon.
  • Step 5: Head to toward center of the map, and then, dance at the final telescope.
  • Step 6: The way is called final if you have finished dancing at the three telescopes.

Then, you already know the ways to dance at different telescope to complete the mission. Unfortunately, to complete the challenge, you have to finish them separately. It is because there is not a good way of going from one to another in a same game.

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