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Playing Fortnite definitely cannot be separated from any issues that happen anytime. The issues here surely will appear in some factors. Mostly, the issue that happens in game is related to the games’ system, then the rest of the issues are on the players’ internet connection.

The Fortnite system issue will happen if there is something wrong with the server connection problem. Besides, the patch notes added to Fortnite will really affect the performance of the game. The patch notes released by Epic Games and added to Fortnite will make the server getting down, so the players cannot login to Fortnite even to play.

Certainly, we should not guess what the issues are happening in Fortnite. In this case, we need the real issue and the real-time what happens in Fortnite right now. Of course, by knowing the real issue, we can fix the problem in the right ways at all.

Well, to check the most issues that happen to Fortnite, we will need a tool that can show you a real issue occurring in Fortnite right now. To help you get trusted information related to Fortnite issues, Downdetector comes to you now.

What is Downdetector?

Downdetector is a kind of site that will show the real-time status and outage information for all kinds of services in which the users consider vital to their everyday work.

At least, there are some kinds of services handled by Downdetector as follow;

  • Mobile providers
  • Internet providers
  • Online services
  • Finance
  • Online games

How does Downdetector work?

To give the solution for some issues that happen on online games including Fortnite, Down detector will perform to collect status reports from some sources such as from Twitter and some reports submitted to Downdetector sites and mobile apps.

When they receive the reports, the Downdetector’s system will validate and analyze for those reports in the real-time that allow them to detect outages automatically and service disruptions in very early stages.

Downdetector will not accept the report from a single person because it is not a large-scale outage for its problem. In this case, Downdetector totally ensures that the outages are represented from many reports. When they get so many reports, they will calculate a baseline of typical issue reports for each company as they monitor.

Of course, by verifying that the issues are totally affecting a large group of individuals (such as Fortnite players), Downdetector only will report an outage when there are a number of reports higher than the baseline.

So, that’s why Downdetector is such a reliable site to detect what the issue happens in Fortnite in the real-time.

What issues happen in Fortnite right now?

Well, when you access the Downdetector site at here, you definitely will see some reported issues to this site.

Downdetector has published for some Fortnite issues occuring right now on August 10, 2020. From Downdetector, many users indicate the Fortnite issues happening since 7.52 PM EDT. The most issues that have reported to Downdetector are:

  • Server connection issue: 62%
  • Log-in problem: 36%
  • Website problem: 1%

If you see the chart above, the peak of the Fortnite issue occurred on August 11, 2020 at 4.35 PM that has about 3092 reports.

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