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Fortnite is an online game which is very popular now. A lot of people around the world play this game. In the game they are able to interact with other players to cooperate in a team and they will battle with their opponents. Now, as a Fortnite player, you may want to know about the Fortnite event today so that you have to visit a Fortnite Event Tracker for today.

Well, if we talk about Fortnite Event Tracker, you are able to find some websites of it and you are able to check anything related to Fortnite in that kind of sites including the Events. One of the Fortnite Event Tracker that you are able to use is In this site, you are able to check anything related to Fortnite as you are able to see in the menu which are available there including LFG, Challenges, Events, Leaderboards, Weapons, Creatives,  and Replayes.

If you want to see the events of Fortnite for today, upcoming or even in the past, you are able to click on the Events menu in that site. When you click on that menu, you are able to see the events there which are ongoing Fortnite events and also historic Fortnite events. You are able to choose the region that you want by clicking on the drop down menu there written Region. Then, there will be some regions and you can choose the one that you will search. The regions in the drop down menu including On site, NA East, NA West, Europe, Oceania, Brazil, Asia, and Middle East.

For example, if you want to know the Fortnite Events for today on Europe, you have to click on Europe in the drop down menu and then the events which are ongoing, upcoming and even end will be revealed there. If you search now the events in Fortnite by choosing Europe region, you will find these ongoing events:

  • Solo Hype Nite (Fridays and Saturdays)
  • Solo Cash Cup (Every Thursday)
  • Solo Platform Cash Cup (Every Wednesday on Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch)
  • Solo Platform Cash Cup (Every Wednesday on PS4 and Xbox One)
  • Solo Platform Cash Cup (Every Wednesday on Windows and Mac)

For upcoming Fortnite event, there is:

  • Solo Challenger Hype Nite (Fridays and Saturdays)

For ended Fortnite events, there are so many and some of them are:

  • Community Showdown Finals
  • Limited Testing Event
  • Blue Testing Event
  • Green Testing Event
  • Red Testing Event
  • FNCS Season Finals
  • DreamHack Winter 19 Featuring Fortnite
  • Squads Friday Nite Fortnite
  • Squads FNCS Week 4
  • and many more

So, if you want to be updated, you are able to check this site regularly. It is also better for you to follow other social media which are related to Fortnite such as Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and some other. So, you are able to change information with others related to Fortnite and it will be more fun for you since you will be able to have new friends and also join the events together.

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