Fortnite FFA Island Codes

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Do you looking for a few map codes to try out the new system for yourself? So far, there have not been many island codes posted around the internet, but we have some island codes and you are able to see the codes in the text below:

  • 5542-7687-4547 – The Risky Runways map.
  • 2012-6281-8095 – The classic COD map (Nuketown Reimagined).
  • 6224-0839-9043 – The explorer and parkour map
  • 1090-0783-2499 – Elaborate player map
  • 0246-3501-9703 – Eerie Estates hide-and-seek map
  • 8641-0487-1161 – Grimy Greens map
  • 5253-4025-7629 – Dust II from CSGO
  • 8335-1484-3001 – LazarbeamYT’s map
  • 7693-3640-8910 – Mystery Market map
  • 5916-2410-1250 – Mighty Mountain FFA map
  • 2434-7674-6447 – YU7A’s FFA map
  • 8792-1332-7866 – Bounce Pad Deathmatch
  • 2092-4164-5943 – CallMeCypher’s FFA Snipes
  • 4815-1697-8741 – Factories Overgrown Remix
  • 0632-6317-2480 – Tinker’s Toystore map
  • 0213-4672-2099 – Janky Jail multiplayer map
  • 0940-9970-7913 – CizzorzDeathRun Challenge
  • 3624-9134-2626 – MW2 Rust classic map
  • 4264-02210-9408 – Merls Battle Arena
  • 6352-8048-2222 – Snipers Vs Runners mini game
  • 5618-2963-5299 – Warp Up Course (for training)
  • 9587-6651-4676 – Halo’s Lockout map
  • 4203-6925-0108 – Shipment, a frantic FFA


If you look for a new Fortnite map to play on with your friends, while the feature has not been rolled out in full just yet, Epic Games say the best place for finding community-made creations and their Island Codes is through Reddit, Twitch and YouTube. Your best bet to find new Island codes is likely not the biggest Fortnite subreddit, but instead the relatively small Fortnite Creative subreddit that is already filled with amazing player-made maps and games.


Now, you may want to know how to use Fortnite island codes. By the way, how do you actually load new Fornite Creative Islands? All you have to do is note the island code you want down, please load into Fortnite Creative, and then head to the Creative Hub, and look for one of Islands. You are able to stop before you actually wander into the rift portal and you are going to see an option to ‘Set Island Code’ by holding the E key. When you have already input the code in the game is going to take a moment for finding the Island and then give you a short description of it. So,  you are able to confirm it is the Island code you were hoping for. After that, you have to click the ‘Select Island’ button that will close the box and change the rift portal in order to it takes you to a new map rather than the featured Island.

A good touch from Epic Games also means that any recently entered Fortnite Island codes are going to be temporarily saved as favourites, that allowing you to travel to your most-played maps quickly. After it is all loaded, you are going to see the full name and description for the Island code. Just run simply into the Rift Portal and it is going to take you to the new map. But, if you really want to play the map with your friends, so you have to open up your menu. Then, go into the ‘My Island’ tab, and start the match through there.

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