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When playing Fortnite, you cannot expect to stand out among the crowds as this game is really popular with so many players. However, if you are craving for attention and want to try to stand out among the crowds, you can change your current username by adding special characters and so on. Upon hearing this, you are probably wondering if it is allowed or if it breaks the terms and conditions of Fortnite.

Apparently, having special characters in front of your name is fine and it is completely acceptable. Not only that, it also does not violate any terms or policies of the game.

Fortnite Font Dafont Download Guide

As you already know that it is acceptable, you may be interested in adding special characters to your Fortnite username. There are a lot of websites that offer Fortnite fonts. One of the most recommended ones is Dafont.

It is really easy to download a font on Dafont. If you have no idea how to do it, here is the guide to follow:

  1. Firstly, you should go to the official website of Dafont at here.
  2. When you are on its homepage, you will be presented with some font categories.
  3. Feel free to choose any category and you will be shown with the list of the fonts included in that category.
  4. After that, find the font that you want to download and then press the Download button located next to the name of the font to be able to download it.
  5. In just a second, the font that you want will be downloaded.

As mentioned above, there are a number of font categories on Dafont, such as:

  • Fancy: Cartoon; Comic; Groovy; Old School; Curly; Western; Eroded; Distorted; Destroy; Horror; Fire, Ice; Decorative; Typewriter; Stencil, Army; Retro; Initials; Grid; Various
  • Foreign look: Chinese, Jpn; Arabic; Mexican; Roman, Greek; Russian; Various
  • Techno: Square; LCD; Sci-Fi; Various
  • Bitmao: Pixel, Bitmap
  • Gothic: Medieval; Modern; Celtic; Initials; Various
  • Basic: Sans serif; Serif; Fixed width; Various
  • Script: Calligraphy; School; Handwritten; Brush; Trash; Graffiti; Old School; Various
  • Dingbats: Alien; Animals; Asian; Ancient; Runes, Elvish; Esoteric; Fantastic; Horror; Games; Shapes; Bar Code; Nature; Sport; Heads; Kids; TV, Movie; Logos; Sexy; Army; Music; Various
  • Holiday: Valentine; Easter; Halloween; Christmas; Various

Every category mentioned above includes a number of fonts. For instance, in the Cartoon category, the list of the fonts includes:

  • Lemon Days by Khurasan
  • Blueberry Days by Khurasan
  • Pink Rabbit by Agustina Sri Suryanti
  • Cheri by Fontalicious
  • Watermelon Days by Khurasan
  • Want Coffee by Khurasan
  • Sweet Bear by Agustina Sri Suryanti
  • Balloon Dreams by Perspectype Studio
  • Starborn by Darrell Flood
  • Adella by Fanastudio
  • Water Galon by Khurasan
  • BubbleGum by Thomas W. Ziller
  • Pineapple Days by Khurasan
  • Coffee and Macaroons by Dez C
  • Waffle Story by Khurasan
  • Comication by Tokopress
  • Hansip by Khurasan
  • Olive Days by Khurasan
  • Sweetie Summer by Attype Studio
  • Chicken Pie by Manjali Studio
  • Strawberry Days by Khurasan
  • Grobold by Guy Buhry
  • Pokemon
  • Redzone by DumadiStyle
  • Twenty minutes by BrandSemut
  • Charlie Kingdom by Tokopress
  • Bros Bear by fontherpay
  • Jungle Bird by Agustina Sri Suryanti
  • Super Mario 256 by fsuarez91
  • Pulang by Khurasan
  • Big Jano by Tokopress
  • Playon by Tokopress
  • Candy Beans by Chequered Ink
  • Sheriff Bounce by Tokopress
  • Milky Nice by StringLabs –
  • Mickey
  • Coffee Extra by Khurasan
  • Flud Gums by imagex
  • Avocado Creamy by Almarkhatype
  • Mother Sunflower Sans by AV Type
  • Dino Star by Fachranheit
  • Candy Pop! By deFharo
  • Resultan by BrandSemut
  • Kawaii Stitch by Darrell Flood
  • Etc.

For more information about Dafont and all the fonts offered by this website, do not hesitate to visit the official website of Dafont at here. If you have a question to ask, try to find the answer on the FAQ section.

Apart from Dafont, there is also Dafont Free. Just like Dafont, Dafont Free also provides the fonts for Fortnite. To be able to download a font from this website, you can follow the following instructions:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to go to the official website of Dafont Free at here.
  2. When you are on the front page, choose the category that you are interested in. these categories include:
  • Fancy: Comic, Cartoon, Decorative, Destroy, Groovy, Horror, Stencil, Western
  • Basic: Sans Serif, Serif, Slab Serif
  • Mixed: Blog, Sponsored, Collections
  • Script: Brush, Calligraphy, Graffiti, Handwritten, Monoline, Old School, Various
  • Misc: Disney, Retro, Typewriter, Blackletter, Non Western
  • Holiday: Christmas, Valentine
  • Display: 3D Fonts, Vintage
  • Dingbats: Logos, Pirates
  • Techno: Star Wars
  • Commercial
  • Premium: Avenir Next, Brandon Grotesque, FF DIN, Google Fonts, Gotham, Helvetica Neue
  1. When you are showing with the fonts included in a category, click on it and you will be taken to its own page.
  2. On the page of a font, make sure to read the description first so you will have an idea what the font is about. Below the description, you can also see how the font looks like.
  3. If you want to download it, scroll down a bit until you find the orange Download button and then click it.
  4. On the new page, you should also scroll down a bit to find the green DOWNLOAD button.
  5. When you find this button, click it and the process of downloading the font will be started right away.

Just like that you will be able to download the Fortnite font on Dafont Free. It should be easy for you to get one as long as you follow every single step well. In case you find it hard or if you have something to ask, you are suggested to contact Dafont Free by filling out the form that can be found by clicking the CONTACT US button located at the top right of the page.

There are a few information that you have to provide in the form, including your name, your email, subject, and your message. After providing all the things, make sure to hit the SEND button. In the end, you can just wait as they will respond you within a maximum of 24 hours.

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