Fortnite Food Truck Locations: Where to Visit Food Trucks (Chapter 2 Season 1)

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In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1, the players of Fortnite have multiple challenges to select from including one that tasks you with visiting a few different Food Truck locations. The Food Truck challenge is a bit vague compared to some challenges that outline where you are able to find key locations. In order to help out, here is a guide explaining where to find Food Truck in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1.

The challenge named Food Truck challenge is part of the newest set of free Battle Pass challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1. In total, there are four Food Truck locations that you will have to visit if you want to complete the challenge. All that you have to do is to land by the Food Truck and approach it to have the challenge progress update automatically.

After visiting all the locations of Food Trucks, you should to see your challenge marked as complete and you will gain XP to level up your Battle Pass. For those who are having a hard time finding one or more Food Trucks locations, here is the details of Food Trucks locations.

The Food Truck #1 is North of Pleasant Park. the Durr Burger Food Truck located in the north of Pleasant Park at the base of the snow capped hill is one of the first Food Trucks we were able to find. In order to find it, all that you have o do si to run north through the Pleasant Park to the snowy area and you should have little trouble locating the Durr Burger Truck in Fortnite.

The Food Truck #2 is South of Salty Springs. For those who go to south from Pleasant Park towards Salty Springs, you will be able to cross another Food Truck location off the challenge list. In order to find this Food Truck, please head south down the road from Salty Springs. Before hitting the bridge, you should be able to spot a circle of cars with the Pizza Plt Food Truck at the center.

The Food Truck #3 is North of Lazy Lake, South of Frenzy Farm. This one is a bit harder to find, unlike the previous Food Truck locations. There are the Fork and Knife Food Truck that are able to be found in the snowy region north of Lazy Lake and south of Frenzy Farm. The easiest way to find this one is to seek out point where the three roads intersect and then go west.

The Food Truck #4 is South of Retail Row. This one was the hardest one to find in Fortnite. just like the Fork and Knife Food Truck, the Snow Cones Food Truck is not close to a recognizable location. Instead, you will have to go into the snowy mountain area south of Retail Row. If you want to make things a bit easier, the Snow Cones Food Truck is up a steep hill directly across from the Shiver Inn.

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