Fortnite Fortbyte 55 Location: Found Within Haunted Hills

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The developer of Fortnite called Epic Games are provided the players of Fortnite with a lot more challenges in Season 9. Not only do players have the weekly challenges, Utopia challenges, and each Battle Pass skin having their own challenges, they also added in Fortbyte challenges.

Fortbyte challenges provide the players of Fortnite with the chance to unlock additional rewards in Season 9 as well as decrypting the secrets of the season. Upon completing a Fortbyte challenge or task, players will decrypt a small section of the mystery image.

In the previous seasons, the mystery or secret outfits have been unlocked by completing the additional challenges such as Discovery challenges from Season 8, however, this season players will unlock the secret outfit by collecting 90 Fortbyte, making Fortbyte challenges crucial to the season.

Apparently, new Fortbyte challenges or tasks are unlocked every day at 2PM BST and another challenge has just unlocked. The challenge is called Fortbyte 55: Found within Haunted Hills. For those who are not sure to find Fortbyte 55, this guide will show you exactly where to go to pick up the item and add another piece to the Fortbyte mystery puzzle.

The location of Fortbyte 55 is in the small town west of the big hill in the Haunted Hills area. More specifically, you are going to want to look in a small house on th north east side of the small area. You are able to use the map if you want to find exactly where you have to go in order to pick up Fortbyte 55. Finding this one is a piece of cake. There are no any other requirements to pick up Fortbyte 55 other than just finding it. Once again, you will not need to equip a special outfit like the Fortnite 36, Accessible by Sentinel on a frozen island puzzle piece. Aside from that, you do not also need to equip a special spray like the Fortnyte 92, Accessible By Using Rock Love Spray Near a Lava fall puzzle piece.

In case you need more help in finding Fortbyte 55, you are able to go to the B2 quadrant on the map. When you are close to the item, it will begin making a sound. Since there are no other requirements to picking it up, you can just simply walk up to it and interact with it. Once you do that and collect the Fortbyte 55, you will be able to see the piece of the puzzle in the Challenges > Fortbytes section of the main menu.

For your information, there are 100 Fortbytes in total throughout Season 9, so you might as well understand what they are now. for more information about Fortbyte 55 location: Found within Haunted Hills, please visit the official website of Epic Games. Aside from that, you are also encouraged to visit the community regularly to get the latest information of the new update. If you have any question, you can also look for the answer there.

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