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Do you want to have Fortnite Frozen Legends Pack? You may have heard that this pack comes again in Fortnite. If you have enough money, you are able to buy this pack now. But, some people do not want to spend their money for buying this so they think of using free code. Is there any codes for getting this pack?

First, let’s find out some information about this pack. Actually, this pack was released on December 2018. In this pack, you are able to get some things including skins, back blings and wings. Here are what you get from this Fortnite Frozen Legends pack.

  • Frozen Raven skin
  • Frozen Iron Cage back bling
  • Frozen Red Knight skin
  • Frozen Red Knight Shield back bling
  • Frozen Love Ranger skin
  • Frozen Love wings

This pack is available on Fortnite for PC, Android, iOS, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. So, if you play Fortnite in one of these devices, then you are able to get this pack.

In 2019, this pack was gone without any reasons from Epic Games. But now, Epic Games on its website announced that this pack is available again and you are able to buy it in the Fortnite store. You are able to buy this pack for $24.99. If you have enough money, you are able to buy this pack before it is gone again.

Talk about getting Frozen Legends pack, some people want to get this for free. So, some people try to look for free codes to be able to get this pack. Even when we search about it, we found a site named In this site, they claim that you are able to get Fortnite Frozen Legends pack for free by using the codes that you are able to generate there.

When you visit the site and then you scroll down, you will be able to see a Download The Code button in orange color. When you click on it, you will be brought to another page in another tab. In that page, you will see that it is a code generator. To use it, you have to choose the platform that you use for playing Fortnite. The options of platforms there are Xbox One, PC and PS4. Then, you have to click on Generate Redeem Code. In the generator, there is also a note that they release 5000 codes to download Fortnite Frozen Legends pack. Well, is this kind of generator is safe?

We recommend you not to try this kind of site. Usually, code generators are scams. Epic Game also have stated that if you get Fortnite things out of Epic Games or out of recommended companies from Epic Games, it is risky. Some players have tried this kind of things to get V-Bucks and then they realize that the V-Bucks that they got from generators or unofficial stores are gone. It means that buying or even getting Fortnite things not from Epic Games or unofficial stores are risky and even dangerous.

So, if you want to have this Fortnite Frozen Legends pack, you have to buy it in the Fortnite store because it is safe and it will avoid you from scam.

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