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Let’s us taking a look at all of the locations on where to find Fortnite Ghost Dropboxes and Fortnite Shadow Dropboxes. All of them are used in a couple of different challenges, you will either have to drop something off in one of them or you will have to explode them.

In general, there are two dropbox locations per named locations on the map. Some places just have one, but they always have at least one of each the Ghost and Shadow factions. You begin using these to drop off Security Plans for Brutus’s Challenge. The next challenge that you have to do is to utilize these for is with TNTina’s Trial Challenge. You have to find explosives, which are the best located in Team Rumble. You are able to use Remote Explosives, Grenades, or Proximity Mines. Feel free to go to whichever faction you are apart of and explode the dropbox of the other faction. The challenge will tell you which one that you have to destroy. Every one of these challenges needs asks you to complete 18 challenges from that challenge set of certain skin.

Please keep in mind that the only places you will not really find boxes are the new locations: The Rig, The Agency, The Yatch, The Grotto, and The Shark. Aside from that, you also will not find any at Frenzy Farm and Weeping Woods.

Here are three Fortnite Ghost Dropboxes locations that you can use. The first one is in Holly Hedges. This one is located across from a car that looks like a taxi. The second one is in southwest Pleasant Park encircled by a small picket fence near a bus stop. The third one is in northeast Pleasant Park. This one is near a car next to a stop sign.

Aside from the Fortnite Ghost Dropboxes locations, you might also want to know the locations of Fortnite Shadow Dropboxes. Here are three Shadow Dropbox locations that you are able to destroy. The first one is on the western edge of Salty Springs. This one is near a big blue house. The second one is in northeast Holly Hedges. It is an an open area with a crosswalk and some benches. The third one is in western Sweaty Sans in an open parking lot.

There may be more locations of Fortnite Ghost or Shadow Dropboxes than the ones listed above, but this page has offered more than enough examples to get this challenge done quickly and easily. If you want to complete the challenge, you just need to go to the locations mentioned above and get the rewards offered after that.

If you have any question about Fortnite Ghost Dropboxes locations, do not hesitate to visit the community of Fortnite and interact with the members of the community about the thing that you want to know. In addition, do not forget to visit the official website of Fortnite regularly to get the latest update about the popular game called Fortnite.

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