Fortnite Giant Throne Location: Visit a Giant Throne as Doctor Doom

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Are Doctor Doom fans? Well, you will be happy when you know that Doctor Doom now comes to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. So, you will have a chance to complete the Fortnite challenges as a Doctor Doom. So, what can you do as Doctor Doom in Fortnite?

As a fictional supervillain which appears in Marvel Comic book, of course, it is such an Epic Games’ breakthrough to stage Doctor Doom in Fortnite. In this season, Doctor Doom comes to Fortnite to complete the challenge: Visit a Giant Thorne as Doctor Doom.

In Fortnite Season 2, one of the attractive little additions to the map of Fortnite Season 4 is the giant throne that you have to find in the game. However, this is such a hard challenge that you can complete even if you do not know where to find the location of a giant throne. So, the main thing that you’ll need in this challenge is to know the exact location of the giant throne.

How to Unlock Doctor Doom?

Need to know, when you want to complete this challenge, you surely have to dress up Doctor Doom and head to the location. Then, To Unlock Doctor Doom, you have to reach level 67 on the Battle Pass. Then, you can get access to his Awakening challenges at Level 74.

What is A Giant Throne in Fortnite?

A giant throne is a building made of rough stones and trees which is located on a mountainside. However, you have to find this building as Doctor Doom to complete this challenge.

Where is a Giant Throne in Fortnite?

The giant throne in Fortnite can be found near Retail Row on the snowy hill. Need to know that the giant throne does not visibly look like a throne with the back of the throne made up of the trees. On the other word, this is definitely something you can overlook at first glance.

Visit a Giant Throne as Doctor Doom

To find the giant throne in Fortnite, you will have to head towards Retail Row. Then, to a small mountain like area which is to the southeast of it. Then, on this snowy mountain facing towards Retail Row is a throne made out of rock and trees. You can also find a couple chest which can spawn here as well. So, it may be worth landing there in the game.

Certainly, you may wonder why you have to visit a giant throne in this season. Doctor Doom’s challenge is as a part of the season. However, by completing this challenge, you definitely have a chance to unlock the Victory Von Doom emote during your victory.

Even though you have been playing Fortnite for a longer time, you can also get any difficulty in completing this challenge. So, to ease you completing the Doctor Doom challenge to visit a giant throne, you also can watch some videos that will guide you to visit a giant throne as Doctor Doom.

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