Fortnite Hand Cannon Nerf Gun

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Fortnite Hand Cannon Nerf Gun is known as the epic hand Cannon from Fortnite as a massive dartblaster. This one is an epic Hand Cannon from the game as a Nerf Blaster. You can take your Fortnite battle into real life with the Nerf Fortnite HC-E Hand Cannon. Are you interested in Fortnite Hand Cannon Nerf Gun? Please read until the last word to find more.

As you can guess from its name, Fortnite Hand Cannon Nerf Gun is inspired by the popular Fortnite video game. This one replicates the look and colors from inside the game. If you want to drop into indoor and outdoor Fortnite action with a Nerf weapon that is powered by you, then this one is your best option because there is no batteries required.

There are some features of Fortnite Hand Cannon Nerf Gun. First, N Strike Elite blasters and Elite darts deliver the ultimate in blaster performance. Second, Mega Series blasters feature Mega Whistler Darts that scream through the air. Third, defend against a zombie invasion with ZombieStike blasters. Fourth, ignite the night with FireVision sports gear that glows when thrown. Fifth, raise your game with the Pro-Grip Football and Nerfoop basketball set.

Here is the specifications of Fortnite Hand Cannon Nerf Gun:

  • Ages: 8 years old of more
  • N/A
  • Caution: Do not pointed to eyes or face. In order to avoid injury, it is better for you to use only with official Nerf darts. The other darts might not have the safety standards. The second thing that should be remembered is to not modify darts or dart blaster. Another thing to take a note is about the choking hazard. For the small parts, all of them may be generated but not for children under 3 years old.

If you are looking for Fortnite Hand Cannon Nerf Gun, you can visit some marketplaces such as Blaster Parts and Farm and Fleet. When you are on the site, you can just use the Search bar and type the keyword. In Blaster Parts, a Fortnite Hand Cannon Nerf Gun costs 16,95 €. If you plan to purchase one from Farm and Fleet, you need to spend $14.99. The price might be different if you add shipping fee.

Here is the product details as displayed on Blaster Parts:

  • Product Number: 560797
  • Brand: NERF N-Strike Elite
  • Mode: Single-Action, Dart Ammo
  • Producer: Hasbro
  • Scope of Delivery: Blaster, 3 Darts

Fortnite Hand Cannon Nerf Gun consists of Epic Handcannon and Mega caliber. The Hand Cannon of Fortnite is based on the Desert Eagle. With the massive look and the big caliber, this one is a very intimidating sight for opponents. It shoots mega darts and is a frontloader. Just like its Fortnite counterpart, this dartblaster has a quite heavy caliber. The extra big mega darts are much larger compared to the known Elite darts and have a more stable trajectory. Please visit the two marketplaces if you want to know about the product called Fortnite Hand Cannon Nerf Gun.

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