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In the game called Fortnite, there is a few stats and information that could be recorded and tracked. How many times you have landed at a certain location, number of kills with a certain weapon, kill to death ratio in a specific playlist. There are some information to follow, but when you look at your in game profile, all you are given is total matches, total kills, and number of top placements.

Fortunately, there is a number of the third party sites that have taken stat tracking into their own hands. Since they are all not official there is limitations on what can be tracked with a lack of access to individual match information. One of the best is called Fortnite Tracker.

Fortnite Tracker is the most comprehensive site that is run by Tracker Network, a collective with sites across multiple games such as Battlefield 1, Rocket League, and PUBG. One of the main selling of this tracker is their TRN Rating: en ELO ranking system that can stack you up against all the other users of Fortnite Tracker. Once you hit a rating of 5,000, you are considered one of the best.

Looking at your profile will tell you a plethora of stats such as your overall kill to death ratio, win percentage per mode, your stats across every season, whether you are improving a lot or declining across custom time frames, there is a lot of information to digest. For those who have the site open while you play, it even records individual matches. From there, the tracker will tell you your bests, such as your highest kills in a game and longest streak.

Aside from that, Fortnite Tracker also offers regular community challenges like the most solo wins in a specific period or highest amount of kills. Here is the example of the table of kills (all category).

Rank Player Country Kills Matches
1 nixxxay LF eGirl Canada 205,858 31,205
2 Ranger Canada 170,442 27,261
3 FaZe Replays Canada 154,392 41,020
4 semm1234 Italy 142,273 26,359
5 Dark United States of America 132,791 26,921
6 Ninja United States of America 131,826 20,612
7 HighDistortion United States of America 130,752 25,253
8 jmoe161 United States of America 126,952 27,399
9 IMeanzY United States of America 122,799 28,549
10 TwitchProspering United States of America 111,463 24,302
11 D3stri Spain 99,654 24,862
12 SypherPK United States of America 99,043 20,036
13 Atlantis swag_ Germany 97,906 23,527
14 Twitch.GrypthonRB United States of America 97,273 18,914
15 BaySoldier United States of America 96,700 27,609
16 Raskology Germany 96,178 21,962
17 Avxry Great Britain 95,230 20,364
18 Nick Eh 30 United States of America 94,849 21,727
19 TriggerQQ Uniq Vietnam 92,964 19,885
20 JOYJOYC France 91,685 21,953

Fortnite Tracker offers cash prizes, along with V-Bucks for a random player per challenge. If you are looking for people to play with, go to the LFG tab and customize your preferences to search for the other players looking to team up.

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