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Break your fear by exploring the Horror map in Fortnite. In Fortnite, you will be allowed to explore the horror map with available codes. Of course, this map is totally good for those of you who are really passionate about something scary.

Then, to give what the players’ need, Epic Games officially release the horror map which draws the players to explore it.

As the Fortnite players, you may be bored to play Fortnite in common set-up. So, you may be hoping that Fortnite will launch some exciting and inviting additional things to the game. Evidently, your desire was really granted by Epic Games in which they launched the Horror Map to Fortnite.

Need to know the Horror Map in Fortnite is a kind of scary map based on horror movies such as the Insidious, Exorcist and many more. So, do you really know how it is applied in Fortnite?

Then, to know how the horror map applied in Fortnite, of course, we have some recommendations of horror maps that you can try exploring in each horror map shown below!

  • Find the Penny’s

The first horror map is to Find the Penny’s (Wise). In this map, you have to collect all 15 coins in this IT chapter 1. This horror map can be played by up to 5 players. Then, the code of this Find the Penny’s (Wise) is 2961-7589-1661. So, get the challenge by exploring this scary map.

  • Olive Japanese Horror Map

Trying to escape a pretty spooky looking clown through this Japanese horror map. In this map, you will find some scary sounds and jump scares to be spooked. Certainly, the text is available in Japan, so you will not really understand the whole of the story. But, it does not matter if you really want to explore this map. Then, the code of this Olive Japanese Horror map is 5279-5436-2390.

  • Halloween Story Horror Map

Of course, it is a great horror story that you can find in Fortnite. In this map, you are allowed to explore a seemingly haunted area for pumpkin tokens. You have to use your torch and flashlight to find them. But, you must be aware because there are some monsters to avoid your way. So, have your unforgettable experience by exploring this horror map. The code of this Halloween Story is 9312-2909-8471.

  • House of Torment

The next horror map is totally different from the other horror maps above. This map definitely has a very gorgeous art style which makes it so unique but scary at once. This features a range of sound effects to raise the scary moment and the suspense of the map. Get your experience with this House of Torment map. The code of this map is 6003-4995-1704.

  • Patient 104

The last horror map, we have Patient 104. This was made by Juxi and Rynex. Absolutely, this map is so challenging but it also has a beautiful story. In this map, you will wake up in a hospital, then, there is no sign of human life there. The lighting is really symbolic and the object placement seems very thoughtful. The code of the Patient 104 horror map is 5553-3300-1757.

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