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In Fortnite game, you need to collect enough XP to level up. XP in this game can be earned through several ways. But, what is XP actually? Then, how much XP per kill in Fortnite? Let’s find out about this here.

XP in Fortnite is Experience Points which means that this is a type of progression in the game. If you are able to get enough XP, you will have a chance to level up and each level will give you Battle Stars. Also, XP is used to get additional styles fir certain skins.

How Much XP Do You Get From Games?

In Fortnite, there are two types of progression including XP levels and Battle Pass Tiers. The Battle Pass will dictates when you unlock things and XP will helps you progress through the Battle Pass faster. Playing matches is the main way that you are able to do to get XP. Your performance will dictate how much XP you will earn. Here is the list of Fortnite XP sources.

  • Kills

You will get 50 XP for the first kill in the match and then you will get 20 XP per kill after that. It caps at seven kills total.

  • Survival

You will get 17 XP per minute after the first minute of a match and it caps at 14 minutes.

  • Placement

You will get 25 XP for top 20. You will get 100 XP for top 10. And, you will get 300 XP for Victory Royale.

How Much XP Per Kill in Fortnite?

As we are able to see in the list above that, you will get 50 XP in your first kill in the match. Then, you will be able to get 20 XP per kill after that and it caps at seven kills total.

How To Boost Your XP per match in Fortnite?

To be able to get a lot of XP, of course you need to do some tricks so that you can boost your XP faster. So, what things that we can do to boost XP? Here they are.

  • Complete All Daily and Weekly Challenges

Every player in Fortnite can have up to three active daily challenges to complete. From this, you are able to get about 500 XP. If you can complete daily challenges, you will be awarded enough XP to make up for two matches. So, make sure that you always complete your daily tasks. Also, weekly challenges from the Battle Pass award XP in bulks.

  • Surviving

You have to be able to stay alive as long as you can in every match. The cap a player can get in a solo match for surviving is 238 XP and it is almost half of what you get for a standard daily challenges.

  • Buy The Premium Battle Pass

If you buy a premium Battle Pass, the first thing that you get is a 50% personal XP boost that is active every match for the whole season. So, you will be able to unlock more 10% boosts and plain 1,000 XP for gaining certain tiers.

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