Fortnite How to Play With Bots

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If you are a new player in Fortnite, you may think that playing Fortnite with others will be a little bit nervous since they may be expert but you are just a newbie so that you have lack experience and do not know much about the game. Well, you do not need to be sad because you can play against bots. The existence of bots is aimed to help the new players to play the field so that they will have experience in the game.

So, what are bots actually? In Fortnite game, bots are AI which are controlled by players that sometimes will be added to your game. The bots play at a low skill level so they will be able to give new players an opportunity to be able to get some practice without getting defeated at the beginning. As we know that Fortnite is a skill heavy game which means that if you have never played the game, you are going to get dominated in the early stages of your development. So, the existence of bots seek to make the things a little bit more fair early on.

How to play with bots in Fortnite? In case you are a new player or you are not good skilled, you may have played with bots. They are added often to most games where players are average to below average skill tier. You may have seen a player who only put up a single wall and crouch when they should not be and you wonder why they do this. Isn’t it suspicious? It is probably a bot.

If you want to play with bots, you can do this but it will require you to have a Fortnite Creator Code. It is given to content creators who have more than 1,000 followers on at least one major social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and more. If you meets the requirements, then you need to apply for one and you will be able to get it relatively. If you have one of those, you are able to go to the area where you choose what type of match that you want and look for the Custom Options button. You are able to click on the button and you will be given a choice to add a key. You are able to put anything here and it makes sure that it is random so other people are not able to join the match.

If you have entered the key, then you have to press Accept and the game type that you want. You are able to press the Play! button and it will begin the queue. If you do not want any additional players, you have to hit Start Match and then you will play with bots there. In case you do not have a Creator Code, you are able to ask a friend whi might have it to start up a game. If you want to play with those who have the code, you can ask the code to them and then enter into the Customa matchmaking key area and you are able to join with them.

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