Fortnite Hungry Gnome Locations: How the Find All 14 Gnomes on the Map

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In the Week 8 challenges of Fortnite: Battle Royale, you have to be on the hunt for gnomes. The gnomes are Hungry Gnomes and there are 14 places on the island. However, even though there are a lot of places of the Hungry Gnomes, you only need to complete seven challenge. As you are able to see from the names that the gnomes are hungry, you can expect to find them near food trucks, in kitchens or near taco stands on the island. So, where can we find the Hungry Gnomes? Here they are.

  • Moisty Mire

In this place,  there is a kitchen in the film set. You have to look for the helicopter near the green screen and it will be hidden next to a counter.

  • South of Shifty Shafts

You have to look for a taco shop a small town and it is just south of Shifty Shafts to find this Gnome.

  • Big Soccer Field

There is a soccer field in the East of Junk Junction. On the west side of the field, there is a stand with some kitchen utensils and a Gnome.

  • Indoor Soccer Field

You probably visited this indoor soccer field for the soccer goals in previous weeks and here it has a Gnome in the Taco Stand.

  • Greasy Grove

In the basement of Greasy Grove’s large burger joint, on the western side, you can find a Gnome.

  • Tilted Towers

In the very middle of Tilted Towers, there is a small food station. In that place, you will find this Gnome in the corner beside some coolers full of drinks.

  • Pleasant Park

In a gas station near food on the northeast corner of the town, right in the corner wedged in between two shelves, you will find a Gnome.

  • Little Flush

There is an unnamed location between Flush Factory and Fatal Fields and there you can find a Gnome beside a sink in the northwest of the area.

  • Lucky Landing

In a kitchen in southern Lucky Landing, there is a refrigerator and beside it, you will find a Hungry Gnome.

  • Retail Row

You are able to find a Gnome in the northwest corner of the grocery store in northeast area of Retail Row.

  • Salty Springs

In northeastern Salty Springs, you are able to find a Gnome and it is near a chest spawn in the gas station located there.

  • Gas Station South of Retail Row

There is a gas station in between Retail Row and Moisty Mire and it is just south of Week 8’s “Search Between” location. There, you will find a Gnome which sits behind the station of cashier.

  • Tomato Town

In the main building of Tomato Town with a big tomato on top, you will be able to find a Hungry Gnome behind a counter and it is near a Chest and Vending Machine spawn.

  • Risky Reels

A Gnome is available in the eastern side of Risky Reels.

Well now, you have known where you have to find the Gnomes. So, good luck for you and make sure that you do not miss any challenges in Fortnite to get rewards.

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