Fortnite Hydro 16 Swimming Time

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There is a new time trial challenge to complete in Fortnite this week as you swim your way to victory around the map. For this challenge, you are going to need to take part in swimming time trials at Lazy Lake and Hydro 16. For your information, Hydro 16 is able to be found at the coordinates D7 and E7 at the big lake at Misty Meadows. It is a big dam which feeds into Slurpy Swamp.

As with previous time trials, you are going to need to keep your eyes out for the glowing blue clocks. Try to interact with it to begin the trial, then you are able to follow the route to complete the challenge.


We think that it is definitely one of the more unique challenges in the past few weeks. The challenge is going to require the players to complete two different swimming time trials. One of the Fortnite swimming time trials is able to be found at Lazy Lake. You have to know note you are going to find the start of the time trial in the northeast side of Lazy Lake along the river which runs through the area.


When you open this page, you may hope to find the information about where do you can find the swimming time trial east of Hydro 16. Now, you will be able to know that information soon. You have to note that another swimming time trial is able to be found east of Hydro 16. Specifically, you are going to it closer to Misty Meadows facing the lake. Now, you are able to complete the Hydro 16 time trial swimming time trial at Lazy Lake. Then, you will be able to finish the Week 8 Dive challenges. For your information, the Fortnite week 8 Dive challenges released on November 28, 2019 as part of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1. This Mission set is going to task the players with finding the Hydro 16 location, completing swimming time trials, and finding the hidden ā€˜Eā€™ location.

We are sure that now you can understand more about this challenge. But, if you still be confuse about the challenge, well we are going to explain it once again. You have to remember that you will need to complete two time trials to complete the challenge. The first is able to be found West of Lazy Lake and Hydro 16 is able to be found just northwest of Misty Meadows. Also, you are able to complete a second challenge by eliminating three enemies at Hydro 16, so it will be a good idea to use Party Assist with a friend who will take care of enemies while you swim a few laps. To get a boost while you are swimming, please spam the jump bar, so you are going to jump and dive out of the water that helps you swim a little faster.

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