Fortnite Icon Series Skins List

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In Fortnite, there are the icon series that bring the personality, artistic vision, and attitude of top creators. In this case, Fortnite regularly builds on previous collaborations with Marshmello and Majora Lazer.

Need to know that the Fortnite icon series present to celebrate the biggest streamer in-game. Then, what is the Fortnite icon series?

In this case, the Fortnite icon series has been the natural evolution of Epic’s growing list of media promo events. In fact, Deadpool and Star Wars get their own special events or cosmetic items, real-world stars and smaller properties will be part of the icon series. It lets the players purchase skins and other cosmetic items themed after those stars possibly participate in the event.

It means that the icon series appears to give the appreciation as a form of stars participation in Fortnite.

Certainly, the icon series skins in Fortnite can vary depending on the Stars. It is because the Fortnite brings a bunch of familiar faces to the ludicrously popular battle Royale Game, mostly famous musicians and streamers.

Formerly, the icon series kicked off a Ninja skin which was designed to look like the popular streamer. This skin was available in mid-January but Epic Games did not announce anything about it.

In this case, Ninja’s Fortnite skin came with four variant styles plus a smattering of back bling, an emote and a pickaxe. Recently, Fortnite hosted an in-game concert by rap artist, that’s Travis Scott.

Fortnite Icon Series Skins List

Then, to know the lists of Fortnite Icon Series today, we are going to share it below!


Ninja skin was definitely released on January 16, 2020. Ninja comes with blue hair, a blue jacket with a hood and black pants. In this case, there are four different variations and back bling choices including the dual katanas.

Certainly, Ninja announced his excitement for his skin releasing in Fortnite on a stream. Epic Games announced that Ninja skin will be the first of many collaborations that brings real-world personalities into the game.

Travis Scott

Epic Games introduces a musician skin, that’s Travis Scott. You already know that Travis Scott is one of the biggest names in Hip-Hop. In Fortnite, he held a concert called Astronomical Concert.

Of course, to unlock the Travis Scott, you have to select it from the Icon Series set of outfits. This skin can be purchased for about 1,500 v-bucks that can be unlocked by completing challenges in the game. In this case, the players can pick up the Astronomical bundle as it comes along with Travis Scott’s skin, a special pickaxe skin, and assault rifle skin.


This is the latest of Fortnite icon series skin. The loserfruit or Lufu is a streamer and Youtuber for Fortnite and Overwatch content. It was released to the Item Shop on June 22, 2020.

Of course, to have this skin, you have to spend about 1,500 v-bucks and she also has the Loserfruit bundle for about 1,8000 v-bucks. The bundles consist of a backpack with plush figures of Peely, a Buddy Bag back bling, a pink rabbit and the Tomatohead character.

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