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Do you like Fortnite and want to get the Fortnite item shop? If the answer to the question is yes, you might be interested in Fortnite item shop countdown live. This one is like the giveaway for everyone who wants the Fortnite item shop. Basically, you will be able to get the Fortnite item shop without having to spend any.

If you want to find Fortnite item shop, you are able to visit the most popular platforms known as Youtube. When you are there, go straight to the Search bar and type “Fortnite item shop countdown live” as the keyword. Upon pressing Enter, you will get the results.

Apparently, a lot of Youtube channels hold Fortnite item shop countdown live. One of them is called Irrelevant. It is one of the most popular channel with 235 subscribers. Whenever this channel streams, there are at least 5 hundreds people watching it.

The second one is known as NizeYourBeak. It currently has 4.18k subscribers. At least 2 thousands people watching whenever it holds the live stream. There are multiple commands for livestreams. Those include:

  • !giveaway: You are able to use this command to get the information about on going and future giveaways.
  • !donate: You are able to use this command to get the link to donate.
  • !merch: You are able to use this command to get the link to the website of NizeYourBeak where you are able to purchase Nize merch.
  • !creatorcode: You are able to use this command to display the current creator code.
  • !hype: You are able to use this command to display your excitement.
  • !f: This one are able to be used to pay respect.
  • !epic: This one is the command for subscribers only.
  • !pns: This one is the command for subscribers only.

Do not forget to make sure to subscribe and turn on post notifications to be notified as soon as the channel uploads or holds the countdown live. You have to like the view if you want to be entered in the future giveaways.

Grizz_Hood is the third one. It will give you the new Fortnite item shop – Fortnite Royale Battle Season 11. Grizz_Hood is the supporter code of the channel. How to win the countdown? Everything is easy. All that you need to do is to subscribe with notifications on and like the countdown. If you want to win the gift, please type F.

Another one is Dendy Show. It has 173k subscribers. For those who want to get the rare skins or the other items, please like the video and subscribe the channel. There is a creator code “XDENDYX” that can be used and get gifts from the channel today. If you have something to ask to this channel, feel free to send an email to In addition, there is also a Discord server that you can join if you want to interact with the other members of Dendy Show. As the chat will be hidden when the countdown live is off, the two can be your options.

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