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In Fortnite, you will be able to get a gift if you have done certain thing such enabling 2FA. Besides, if we talk about gift, you are able to send gift to the other Fortnite players. Now, we will explain about it so that you can know more about it.

In Fortnite Battle Royale, gifting permits you to buy in-game content with V-Bucks and send them to your friends. However, if you want to send a gift, there are two requirements that you need to fulfill including:

  • enabling 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)
  • reaching level 2 or higher

You are able gift anything in Fortnite except the things like V-Bucks, items which are not currently in the item shop, items which are already in your locker, real money offers and some store items such as Battle Pass Tier Bundles. If you want to gift to your friends in Fortnite, make sure that the platforms that you both use are android, PS4, PC, Switch and Xbox One because only these platforms which can be used to gift.

As explained above that you need to enable 2FA feature in your Fortnite account so that you are able to send gift to the other Fortnite players. How to activate it? Follow these simple instructions.

  • The first things that you have to do to enable 2FA feature is going to Account Settings. In that section, you will have to click on the Password & Security tab so that you are able to view your security settings.
  • After that, at the bottom of the page, under the Two Factor Authentication heading, you need to click to Enable Authenticator App or Enable Email Authentication as your two factor method. So, here you are able to choose which method that you want to choose whether you want to enable it using the Authenticator apps or email address.

After you activate the 2FA, now you are able to send items that you want to your friends. You may want to send a skin as a gift to your friend. So, how to send a gift to your friend on Fortnite? Here the steps for you to follow.

  • First, from the main lobby screen, you have to go to the Item Shop and choose one of the featured items.
  • Then, when you are in the purchase screen, hit the designated button to ‘buy as a gift’.
  • You will be asked to choose friends from your Epic friends list so choose who you will send the item and after that hit the button to continue.
  • In this step, you are able to enter an optional personal message if you want, choose the color of the virtual gift box or just hit the button to ‘Send’.
  • Next time, when your friends opens Fortnite again, they will be able to get a message which says that someone wonderful sent you a gift. And the gift is able to be opened by pressing the designated button at that screen.

So, what items do you want to send as a gift to your Fortnite friends?

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