Fortnite JDuth 200 Level Default Deathrun

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Fortnite Creative continues to offer the great content and we are here to showcase the best new Island codes that made waves during April of 2019. For your information, 200 Level Default Deathrun is one of the best map codes. Here, you will not get the information about Fortnite JDuth 200 Level Default Deathrun, but also other best map codes.

200 LEVEL DEFAULT DEATHRUN (7286-7442-5686)

If you want to find a Deathrun which is a bit more real, so you are able to try this 200 level Default Deathrun. This map made by JDuth96. While other Deathruns focus on the sheer challenge of the experience, but this 200 level Default Deathrun is all about speed. The fact that it has 200 levels creates it absolutely massive, but skillful maneuvers must allow you to complete each section in no time. Today, this is the single biggest Default Deathrun ever made in Fortnite Creative, so it is well worth the shout out. If you like fast parkour and a little stress, this map code is the great choice for you.

As we said before that 200 Level Default Deathrun is one of the best map codes. Well, now we are going to share other best map codes. Here are they:

TROLLRUN (0565-4202-7306)

This map made by frank8256. All levels of this Trollrun map may look like an insane challenge. However, each one has a distinct design secret. While nearly impossible to find, creates them easy to complete. Please solve each of the 16 puzzles to claim some sweet, sweet satisfaction.

LOYALBOYLE’S 1V1 ARENA (7373-8421-3204)

Apparently, 1v1 Arenas have become trendy in Fortnite Creative. As one of the best maps, it may not be blowing up Twitch and YouTube like some others. However, LoyalBoyle’s 1v1 arena offers a cool island like aesthetic which makes combat intense. Its visuals are minimal but stylish. It means that the gameplay takes center stage in a way. Basically, most 1v1 arenas are the same. But, we are partial to this one. If you want to settle a score with a friend, this is one way to do it.

BALLER GOLF (3915-9602-3566)

Baller Golf made by hellRaiserGaming. As implied by its name, the players progress through a series of holes and try to whack Ballers into specific locations with their Pickaxes. Similar to some of the gof-based Weekly Challenges, success in this map relies on hitting each Baller in the exact right place. The most precise player is likely to come out on top. If you are bored with the cookie-cutter Creative concepts, this map is a cool way to shake things up.


This is awesome Creative code essentially brings a Jurassic Park map to Fortnite. The players may recognize iconic locales from Jurassic World. Even, they are able to experience moments from the film. Gyrospheres are replaced by Ballers in this case. While there are not any massive dinosaurs chasing you through the park, there are light PvP elements including turrets and basic enemies.

THE HIDDEN CITY (2028-3236-3222)

Hide-and-seek map is still pretty popular in Fortnite Creative. So, we are able to conclude that it is one of best maps in Fortnite. For your information, Hidden City is inspired by the lost city of Atlantis. As such, the players begin their game by diving into a huge pool of water to discover the secrets that lie underneath.

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