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Apparently, Fortnite Season 10’s Road Trip Missions are live, and they ask the players of Fortnite to destroy 10 Stop Signs with the Catalyst outfit. In the text below, we are going to describe the fastest way to finish the challenge and show 10 possible Stop Sign locations you may want to use.

Before you are able to start destroying Stop Signs, first you have to equip the Catalyst outfit. To unlock it, simply you are able to purchase the Fortnite Season 10 Battle Pass. For your information, Catalyst is available at tier 1.


After you purchase the Battle Pass and equip the Catalyst outfit, the best way for completing this Road Trip Challenge is to take a walk around Pleasant Park and look for crosswalks and intersections simply. Now, you are able to start at the spot marked and please take down signs as you make your way through the neighborhood. If you need more specific spits, here are 10 locations you are able to use. There are more than 10 Stop Signs on the Battle Royale map, but you are able to use these to get started.

  • Stop Sign Location 1: You are able to across from the big truck.
  • Stop Sign Location 2: You are able to across from a house with the car that parked out front.
  • Stop Sign Location 3: You are able to find stop sign in front of the tree.
  • Stop Sign Location 4: You will be able to find stop sign in front of a nice yellow car.
  • Stop Sign Location 5: You are able to see a stop sign in front of a blue car.
  • Stop Sign Location 6: At crosswalk near a pretty pink car, there is a stop sign.
  • Stop Sign Location 7: Another stop sign can you see in front of a truck.
  • Stop Sign Location 8: Find stop sign at a crosswalk near a cool blue car.
  • Stop Sign Location 9: You will be able to find stop sign at an intersection near an orange car.
  • Stop Sign Location 10: You are going to see stop sign in front of a house on the corner.

If some of these locations are making you trouble, you do not worry about that because there are also additional Stop Sign clusters in the center of Salty Springs and Mega Mall. It is worth noting that you do not need to find 10 different Stop Signs for getting credit for this challenge either. In other words, technically you are able to use only one of these locations and grind it 10 times. Since it is the start of the new Battle Pass, this mission is not meant to be difficult.

This is an explanation that we can share for you regarding Fortnite stop sign locations. To get more information about this, we suggest you to go to the page of Road Trip Missions on Wikia.

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