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For you who are veteran Fornite player, you may already know for most of Fortnite maps which often play over time. AS we know that on Fortnite, map can be mentioned as the main thing that really must exist. However, map can be a new area in which you want to reach the new goal. So, do you know the map that provides you lots of codes?

Indeed, the map codes are really needed to do any purposes. Of course, if you want to do one thing, you will get the certain code. Then, if you have the other codes, it probably can be used for another goal as well. So, it is no wonder if there are a lot of codes available in a map. Certainly, after you have the codes in a map, it is your job to use the code based on certain purposes.

On Fortnite, there is a map that is really recommended to play. In fact, because of many codes provided, definitely many Fortnite players have played on this map. What is the map? The map is called Avalanche which was created by Kkslider. This game mode is FunMaps Minigames Parkour. On this map, you are allowed to climb the ramp, escape with the plane, avoid the cars. Besides, you are able to play with your friends as team and also as solo player.

As we have described above, the Avalanche map offers many codes that you can copy and use for certain purposes. The codes are available on some trusted sites on the internet. So, after visiting the sites, you are really able to copy and paste it easily.

Then, we are sure that you are on this page to get the codes of Avalanche by Kkslider. Well, if you are so excited to get the codes of Avalanche, here are the codes that we will mention below!

  • Avalanche Code: You can use this code to climb the ramp and do another thing that you want on this map. The code is 0156-8748-1505 that you can copy and use immediately.
  • Avalanche Easy Mode Code: This code is available in the easy mode of Avalanche. By using this code, you can really do anything easily. Then, the code of Avalanche easy mode is 5144-6748-2408.
  • Avalanche Normal Mode Code: By using this code, you stay on the normal mode of Avalanche. Certainly, you are allowed to do anything as normal as possible. The code of Avalanche normal mode is 9971-4702-8805.
  • Avalanche Extreme Code: Certainly, on the map of Avalanche, there is also extreme mode that you have to pass. However, to pass this mode, you must have the great skill to do anything such as to avoid the cars, to climb the ramp and escape with the plane. The code of Avalanche extreme mode is 6594-9832-0635.

After you have known the map of Avalanche and also got the code, it is really the best time for you to copy and use it soon. Make sure that you use the code based on your need for certain purpose as well. Good Luck!

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