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In Fortnite, you certainly find many sounds which appear when in a certain situation. In this case, Fortnite adds the sound in different effects to represent any moments. You may often hear a different sound when you are in a different situation.

Of course, the sound in Fortnite was designed to express a certain moment with different sound effects. That’s why the sound effect makes the Fortnite seemly in real life. Furthermore, there are many sound effects that you can find in Fortnite.

One of them is knocked sound earrape. What is the sound and how do the knocked sounds sound in Fortnite?

Generally, the knocked sound in Fortnite appears when the players got knocked from fall damage. Of course, many players really love this sound. However, this sound can express the moment when the players are falling down in Fortnite.

Besides, the knocked sound can be created in the earrape version at all. So, are you curious to know how it sounds in Fortnite?

In this chance, we also show some Fortnite knocked sounds earrape listed below!

  • Fortnite Knocked Sound Earrape

The first knocked sound earrape was made by Gamer Ivan one year ago. This sound was totally posted at This Fortnite knocked sound earrape has been played about 2.8K times with 26 favorites. This sound has also been reposted about 4 times.

Many users are really helped with this knocked sound because the knocked sound was sought after sound in Fortnite. If you are really interested to hear the sound, you can get it through this link:

  • 25 Fortnite Knocked Sound Variation

You may want to get the Fortnite knocked sound variations. In this case, the variations of the knocked sounds start from:


Even Wavier
69% Speef



Hold Up


Ninja Dying




Behind House Plant


The Ultimate Knock



Then, if you want to hear the sounds, you can hear them on Video from YouTube Channel owned DampFijiWater entitled 25 Fortnite Knocked Sound Variations in 30 Seconds at this link

This video has been watched about 287K views with 6.3 favorites. The channel also has 126K subscribers.

  • Fortnite Knock Sound #1

You can also hear the knocked sound from another video from YouTube. This knocked sound was published by Meemes channel entitled Fortnite Knock Sound #1. You can get this sound by accessing this site at

The Fortnite knock sound was published on January 6, 2019. Moreover, this sound has been played about 299K times with 2.6K favorites.

  • Fortnite Knocked Out Sound Earrape

The next sound that you can find in Fortnite or in any games is shown by Keanu Christ Channel. This sound was published on July 8, 2019 on YouTube. It also has been played by 338K viewers with 3.4K favorites. This channel just has 317 subscribers.

Then, if you really want to hear the sound, you can get it at

Well, those are some Fortnite Knocked Sound earrape that you can find in Fortnite. Of course, there are still many Fortnite effect sounds that you can get from any sources. So, have fun with this sound, Dude!

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