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Hello K-Pop Lovers!
Are you really happy when the K-Pop skin in Fortnite released?
Then, are you really curious to know how to get K-Pop Skin in Bundle?

Are you one of the K-Pop lovers who play Fortnite? If so, you will be amazed anymore finally Epic Games launched the K-Pop skin to Fortnite. As K-Pop lovers, absolutely you will do any way to get the skin, won’t you?

Certainly, you have to notice the rules and terms when you want to get this skin. Then, what is the rule of getting the K-Pop skin?

As Epic Games announced that K-Pop skin (as iKon skin) was released following with the newest SAMSUNG smartphone series launches. Samsung announced the launch of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with the more gorgeous features. A new headset with adorable features for the mobile gamers like a new processor is predicted to have better performance on demanding games like.

Of course, the K-Pop skin released in Fortnite is such a partnership between Epic Games and Samsung. The K-Pop skin is called iKon modeled after Jung Changwoo from the iKon, Korean Boy Band.

The notable thing that you have to recognize is the iKon skin is exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy s10 Plus. Absolutely, you cannot get it in the standard Samsung Galaxy S10.

So, when you get the iKon Fortnite skin, you totally have to pre-order the phone at Samsung official site. Then, you have to spend your money at $999 to pay for this Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. Of course, the iKon skin is definitely the most expensive skin in Fortnite on the market.

It means that you cannot unlock the iKon skin until you have the Physical Samsung Galaxy S10 plus.

It is so expensive just to buy a K-Pop skin in Fortnite, isn’t it?

But, for you who are maniac K-Pop Lovers, of course, we guess that you will pre-order for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in order to get the iKon skin in Fortnite.

Then, what makes the K-Pop skin so reliable to buy?

Recently, there is rumor that Epic Games will release a new skin called K-Pop, but it is different from the iKon skin. But, the main thing that you must note is that K-Pop is a leaked information that the truth is still questioned.

K-Pop is a bit of mysterious skin leaked via datamine. Certainly, none is aware how the skin will be launched and the name itself. For China and Korea, this skin is definitely an exclusive skin. So as with iKon skin in which anyone who wants to get this skin should buy a new Samsung smartphone series before.

K-Pop skin is a Fortnite outfit which comes with female skin. But, now, the K-Pop skin is not available in Fortnite Item Shop now. Of course, you should wait for more information from Epic Games in which this skin will be coming soon. It is possibly in the Fortnite Item Shop or Cash Shop.

Moreover, the update v5.50 patch will be available on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Then, we expect this K-Pop skin to appear in the Fortnite sooner or later.

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