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Do you want to join Fortnite LAN tournaments and are looking for the one near you? Dream Hack has announced two separate Fortnite LAN tournaments with a total prize pool of $500,000. The first one is called Dream Hack Winter. This one was held in Jonkoping, Sweden from November 29 to December 1. The second one is the US tournament that will be held in Anaheim, California from February 21 to February 23.

Both Fortnite tournaments are run separately and consist only of LAN play during those time. Two of them require the players to bring their own computers to the LAN event. To participate, you must be age 13 or older. If you are a minor, you need to get parental consent. In addition, tickets are available for both players and spectators.

Dream Hack Winter was a solo competition with multiple stages. The top 100 players won prizes, but players had to advance through three stages to come out on top. The first stage was open to all players that purchase a bring your own computer or BYOC ticket. Stage one consisted of three heats and ten matches played for every player. Then, the top 200 players from every heat advanced to stage two.

Just like stage one, stage two also consisted of ten matches, bit it had no heats. All 600 players played in the same player pool and were allowed to play a maximum of ten matches. The top 100 players advanced to stage three.

The final stage consisted of eight matches, after which a winner was crowned. Ultimately, though, all players that reached the final stage won the prize money. Even the 100th place won $500, which was a nice little thing. Of course, it hardly compared to the first place prize of $30,000.

That was the format of the Dream Hack event held in Sweden called Dream Hack Winter. How about the format of the Usa tournament? For the USA tournament, it is expected to have the same format, but the official rules have yet to be released.

The point system for the Dream Hack Winter promoted with both eliminations and placement. Every elimination rewarded players with five points, but placement points changed for each position in a match. The first place in a match received 60 points, the second place received 53 points, and the third place received 49 points. Those placement points continued to drop slightly down to 50th, which received only one point. Players did not receive points after 50th place in a match.

Two of Dream Hack tournaments will no doubt be massive Fortnite LAN events. The format allows every player to participate in the event. The only requirement is to but a ticket. It is impossible to join the event in Sweden as it has been held. It means, the only chance that you have is the USA tournament. If you have a plan to participate, you can buy a ticket range from $100 to $232 for a premium ticket.

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