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Joker is now available in Fortnite!!!
Is it true that you will have a chance to find Joker in Fortnite?
What will Joker do in Fortnite?
Will the coming of Joker to Fortnite make Fortnite creepy?
Well, you may wonder what Joker will do in Fortnite.

Recently, Epic Games has announced a new DC villain-themed DLC bundle for Fortnite. The bundle here is titled The Last Laugh. It will be set to launch on November 17, 2020. The Last Laugh bundle first time was revealed through the Fortnite site.

As we know that Epic Games has partnered with some companies in the film industry, such as Marvel, DC, and others. So, it does not wonder if Epic Games suddenly introduces the characters in some movies to come to the game.

The Last Laugh bundle definitely contains the most emblematic villain of the DC universe, that’s Joker. However, it is absolutely rare for Epic Games to introduce a Fortnite cosmetics pack this far in advance.

This bundle will totally be presenting Batman’s arch-enemy: Joker. In fact, Batman’s archnemesis and The Joker will arrive in Fortnite through the Last laugh Bundle. The bundle comes with The Joker and Poison Ivy skin as well as a new Midas Rex outfit. Not only The Joker, there will be two other side characters that you can find in this bundle, they are Poison Ivy and Midas rex.

What is The Price of The Last Laugh Bundle?

We guess that you definitely want to have this bundle for your locker collection in Fortnite. Indeed, to get The Last Laugh bundle, you certainly prepare your money about $30. Indeed, The Last Laugh bundle costs at US$30. So, it is a good time for you to save your money to buy this new Fortnite bundle.

What Are the Cosmetic Items in The Last Laugh Bundle?

Of course, there are many cosmetics items that you can get from The Last Laugh Bundle. With the total price of The Last Laugh pack at $30, the pack definitely contains:

  • Joker Skin
  • Poison Ivy Skin
  • Midas Rex Skin
  • 1,000 V-Bucks
  • Four Harvesting Tools: Bad Joke, Ivy’s Pickaxe, Revenge of the Joker and Kingmaker.
  • Three Back Blings: Back Bloom, Midas Ridge and Riot Laugh.
  • Pick a Card Emote

Does The Last Laugh Bundle Come to All Platforms?

Of course, the players really can purchase this bundle on all platforms that has so far only been officially released in a physical version. In its official release, Epic Games demands that The Last Laugh Bundle will arrive in time for the release of the next-generation consoles (PS% and Xbox Series X).

Due to this bundle will be available in all platforms, of course it is such good news for every Fortnite player. Available for digital or physical purchase that includes 1,000 V-Bucks, we guess that this bundle will be much sought after by many Fortnite players.

Then, for the players on PC and mobile, there is no yet information how to get The Last Laugh Bundle. But, we’ll cover the information about it for you soon.

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