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On Fortnite, there are many skins united and packed in a bundle. Certainly, the skins come from any categories either female skin or male skin – cute or extreme skin and many more. The skins ware packed in a bundle definitely to attract many player to purchase it by getting 3 items or more in 1 pack. It can be an instant way in which players can have many items that he just buy in a pack.

Besides, the skin in a pack can be a way to increase the skin sale of Epic Games. Of course, the skin sold in a pack is presented in more gorgeous and inviting look. On those skins, it is usually added by Shadows, Fire, Smoke and many more to make it look different.

So, one of the skin packed in a bundle that make many players so amazed is Lava Legend Pack. This pack is totally long-awaited to put on sale. Then, it was coming earlier for few days ago in Microsoft Store and Australian PlayStation Store. Definitely, this pack is available on all platforms and regions by the end of the day.

Lava Legends Pack is a set of cosmetic item which is available in Battle Royale. This Lava Legends Pack can be purchased from the in-game store for $19.99. This skins pack was released on March 29, 2020.

The pack contained the following items below:

  • Lavawing

The first item that appears in Lava Legends Pack is exactly Lavawing. This is a kind of lava series glider in Battle Royale. It was released on March 29, 2019.

  • Molten Battle Hound

The first skin that comes in this Lava Legends Pack is Molten Battle Hound. This comes with female skin that looks so extreme covered by brimstone and fire around the costume. The Molten Battle Hound stands as the lobe victor among the ashes of his enemis. Definitely, his soul burns when having a combat.

  • Molten Crested Cape

The next item that you can get in this pack is Molten Crested Cape. This is a kind of Back Bling in Battle Royale. You can get it by purchasing this pack first.

  • Molten Legends

The Molten Legends is an uncommon Loading Screen in Battle Royale that you can be obtained as a reward from Tier 65 of Battle Pass Season 9.

  • Molten Valkyrie

The second skin that appears in this pack is Molten Valkyrie. The skin comes with heroic female skin that present as a warrior angel characters. This features with avatar in a reinforced steel armor with black fur. It is also completed by a cool spike helmet, glowing eyes, and braided fire hair with fire fame. You can get this Molten by purchasing this Lava Legends Pack.

  • Molten Valkyrie Wings

The last item that you can get in this pack is Valkyrie Wings as the Back Bling.

Now, it is your turn to bring the heat for this season with this Lava Legends Pack. Ensure that you buy this pack as soon as possible to feel a new extreme sensation.

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