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Why does the lawsuit addictive case happen to Fortnite?

Fortnite creators, Epic Games sued for creating the game addiction. For this case, Epic Games is facing suit in Canada for being accused of designing online video games to be addictive. More severe, the plaintiffs liken playing Fornite with consuming cocaine. So, the maniac Fortnite players should look for best treatment to drive their addiction away.

The lawsuit was filed on Friday in Quebec High Court. According to Canada’s Global News the addiction of Fortnite games totally has real consequences for the players’ life. Most of them are willing not to eat, drink, take a shower, do a sport even no longer socialize.

Jean-Philippe Caron, the lawyer who brought the suit, told AFP that the game developer has used the help of psychologists to make the game addictive. Moreover, he also accused Epic Games of failing to warn about the risks and the danger inherent in their product.

As we know that Fortnite is the hottest battle video game around the world. To make the players cozier playing Fortnite, of course Epic Games regularly add some patch notes to make Fortnite getting better in performance. With releases of some patch notes, the Fortnite system works to fix any issues and drive any bugs away from Fortnite.

What Epic Games deed evidently led Fortnite has become a game that allows up to 100 players to fight on virtual battlefields. This game is claimed to have nearly 250 million users worldwide. So, it is a fact why many players are playing Fortnite too much because this game always presents something new and inviting to explore. It surely leads the players to spend their hours in Fortnite.  That can be the reason why Epic Games was sued due to creating a game with addictive things within.

Stated that the lawsuit was filled by a pair of parents who have children in age 10 and 15. They claimed the Fortnite game successfully made their children addictive. In that lawsuit, the law firm also attached a note regarding last year’s decision by the international agency World Health Organization (WHO) that Fortnite game is categorized as a mental illness.

Until now, Epic Games has yet to respond at all to the lawsuit. Last August, it was discovered that there was a class action lawsuit regarding the leakage of Fortnite player data in January.

The case of leakage is about the players’ security in Fortnite game login system. Of course, the Fortnite login system allows the hackers to use stolen gamers’ data to log into the game without any suspicion.

Of course, it is so dangerous if it happens in Fortnite. However, the hackers will use financial data which is linked to the players’ account to buy many in-game items. Then, they have a chance to sell the items again to the others.

From this serious case, Epic Games reportedly has received lawsuits from more than 100 gamers who were victims. It was reported that Epic Games was aware of the problem of a security gap in November 2018, but only became aware of hacking in January 2019.

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