Fortnite Lightsaber Locations: How to Get Lightsabers

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During the Rise of Skywalker in-game event, Fortnite released lightsaber into the game on December 15th, 2019. So, you are able to visit one of the lightsaber chest location in the game and get one for a limited time.  Do you know where the location of the lightsaber and how to get it?

For your information, there are four four Lightsabers and you are able to find them in the game. There are no stat differences between each lightsaber. But, the only difference of each Lightsaber is just the colour. Epic decided to give the Lightsaber STW stats and it deals 45 damage, and the impact is 28 which does not mean anything in Battle Royale. Those four Lightsabers are:

  • The green one is Luke’s Fortnite Lightsaber.
  • The blue one is Rey’s Lightsaber.
  • The purple one is Mace Windu’s Lightsaber.
  • The red one is Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber.

How to get Lightsabers?

If you want to get these lightsabers, you surely need to know the location of the lightsabers. When you know the location of them, then you are able to find them easily. Lightsabers can be found in the locations which have a blue chest. This blue chest is the only thing that grant you with this Star Wars weapon to use in your fight for a Victory Royale. However, the locations of these blue chests are randomized every match.

These weapons are usually located where you would regularly find chests. If you find it, then you can open one and various lightsaber colors will spill out. You are able to equip all of them if you want even though they all act the same, besides from some sound differences. They are all awesome so you will not be judged if you walk around with all of them.

How to use Lightsaber?

If you try to attack with a lightsaber it is an easy thing to do since you just have to do it like shooting with any other weapon by pressing the left mouse button and your character will unleash a couple of wide horizontal arcs and finish with a downward slice.

If you are not wholly useless at a distance, you are best bet is to get up close. In case, the opponent tries to build some cover or hide in a building, you can get slashing to make quick work of any cover. You have to keep track of your opponents location through their cover and pressure them until the y panic. Then you are able to try to get a few strikes in and put them down.

You can also try to approach enemies from lower positions. It might seem counter intuitive, but considering the lightsaber only swings horizontally and ends with one downward slice, you are not going to break through floors beneath your feet as efficiently as you might like.

If you want to block with lightsaber, you need to know that doing this is easier than attacking. You can hold the right mouse button down and watch your character take a defensive stance.

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