Fortnite Lost Authenticator App

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More than 250,000,000 people around the glove have the accounts of Epic Games. The main focus of Epic Games is the account security. Even though the account system has never been compromised, the specific individual Epic accounts have been compromised by hackers using lists of email addresses and passwords leaked from the other sites that have been compromised

For those who use the same email address and password on Epic Games as you used on another side that has been compromised, then your account is very risky to attack. In order to secure your Epic Games account, please use the unique password and enable 2FA or Two-Factors Authentication.

Enabling 2FA or Two-Factors Authentication will prevent of of losing your Epic Games or Fortnite account. You are able to use the authenticator app to make it enabled. Some of them are Google Authenticator, LassPass Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and Authy.

Google Authenticator is the name of the authenticator app that can be used to receive codes even if you do not have the internet connection or mobile service. This one can be used for both Android and iPhone & iPad.

For those who use Android, you can get the app for free from Google Play Store. After downloading the app, it is time for you to set up the app. In order to set up the Google Authenticator app, you need to open the Settings app on your Android. Then, tap Security. The next thing that you have to do is to tap 2-Step Verification located under Signing in to Google. You may have to sign in. Under Set up alternative second step, please find Authenticator app and tap Set up. After that, you need to follow the steps on the screen. in order to verify it is working, you have to get a code from the Authenticator app. The last thing that you have to do is to enter it in your settings. If the code is correct, you will be able to see a confirmation. If your code is incorrect, you will need to try again. In case you are still having issue, you might want to verify that the time on your device is correct or read the page of Common Issues.

For those who use iPhone and iPad, you can download Google Authenticator app on App Store. Once you downloaded it, you need to set it up. First of all, you have to open the Gmail app. please tap Menu > Settings > your account > Manage your Google Account. Then, tap Security at the top. In the next step, tap 2-Step Verification, under Signing in to Google. After that, find Authenticator app and tap Set up. This one is under Set up alternative second step. When you are done, please follow the steps on the screen. If you want to verify that it is working, you can get the code from the Authenticator app. Then, enter it in your settings. If the code is right, there will be a confirmation and if not, you need to try again.

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