Fortnite Map Changes History

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The Fortnite Map has evolved much with each season, and every update bring the new locations and small or significant changes to the map. You are able to easily and quickly see all changes for each main update of the game by visiting a site named Fortnite Skins.

Talking about Fortnite Map changes, the biggest map changes in Fortnite is Fortnite Chapter 2. There are tons of new features for players to jump into, including a completely revised map with new locations, fishing spots, new vehicles, and many more. For those who are wondering just how much has changed, here is a list of everything new on the Battle Royale map in Fortnite Chapter 2.

By far, the largest and the most important change this time around is a new map to explore. Titled Towers and Paradise Palms are gone and now it is time for Dirty Docks and Sweaty Sands. There are 13 named locations in total, five of which are returning locations while the other eight are the brand new.

  1. Sweaty Sands: This one is a breachfront of interest that utilizes the new motorboats well. It is found on the edge of the map along with a handful of islands.
  2. Holly Hedges: This one is a quaint little town that is, strangely, surrounded by tall hedges that are too high to jump over. Aside from that, there are several small houses and a couple of large houses throughout the town.
  3. Weeping Woods: This one is a big forest area near the middle of the island. The place encompasses a wide area that feels like a combination between the original Wailing Woods and Lonely Lodge. On the western side, you will be able to find a river that runs through the forest and a big watchtower.
  4. Slurpy Swamp: This one is a murky area filled with swamps that surround a big factory in the middle that is the main focus of the area.
  5. Salty Springs: This one is not a whole lot to this small town where you will find a few small and medium sized houses. In the middle of it, there is a reboot van for reviving teammates.
  6. Pleasant Park: This one is largely the same as it was previous seasons. The place still features the signature rectangular shape with two and three story houses surrounding a big park in the middle of town.
  7. Craggy Cliffs: This one is able to find found at the northern tip of the island.
  8. Frenzy Farm: This one is a redone version of Fatal Fields from before.
  9. Steamy Stacks: This one is a nuclear plant-like place that has a couple of energy factories near the coast.
  10. Dirty Docks: This one is a gritty docks area on the eastern edge of the map.
  11. Retail Row: This one is one of the most unchanged locations on the map.
  12. Lazy Lake: There are some stores and places to show around the town with a big building in the middle.
  13. Misty Meadows: This one is at the southern end of the map.

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