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What is new in Fortnite on May 4th?

Now, Fortnite be with you on May 4th!

 Of course, many Fortnite players are really curious what happened in Fortnite on May 4th. Definitely, it is all about something that will enliven the Fortnite world in this week. So, who are not amazed when Star Wars came back to Fortnite on this date.

In fact, every Fortnite player will celebrate this May 4th for Star Wars Day with returning for Fortnite skins and the cheap Steam games. Today, the Star Wars arrives in Fortnite with more magnificent and shining additional features.

Definitely, to kick off the galactic, the Star Wars team will be bringing back the lightsabers starting on May 3rd along with popular Resistance Fighter, First Order Villians, and more that happen from a galaxy so far away.

For this limited time, the lightsabers will return to the island. The Elegant weapons will show Jedi give an support with Luke Skywalker (green), Mace Windu (purple) and Rey (blue) lightsabers. So, please unleash your dark side with the red lightsaber of Kylo Ren’s.

The all Star Wars lightsabers will be available in the Item Shop along with your favorite Star Wars: Outfit, Emotes, Back Bling and More.

Well, that can be reason why the Star Wars came back to the Fortnite.  Today being Star Wars Day on May 4th, definitely, it will make sense for the game industry in which it will take the advantage of this celebration as well.

As a newcomer of Fortnite, you may play Fortnite and miss your opportunity of getting the tie-in content for The Rise of Skywalker. Then, the Epic Games are giving you a second shot.

Then, if you prefer to play an actual Star Wars game, of course, the Steam users will be happy to know that it is holding a special sale for the entire library of the Star Wars titles as cheap as £2.51. Definitely, it includes the modern games such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in 90s classics like X-Wing Games with pretty much every Lego game. Then, the sans the Skywalker Saga is still due for its release later this year.

Then, how long is the Star Wars Fortnite loot available for?

Of course, it is the bad news in which the Star Wars set will be only available for a limited time in Fortnite. The Epic Games announced that the event held on May 4 – Star Wars Day. Then, the all of the Star Wars item will disappear from the Item Shop on May 5. It means that you just have for about 48 hours to prepare in purchasing the Star Wars items.

Although it is likely Epic Games will hold a similar event next year, but the items may be different at all. By this limited time, ensure that you have a chance to get the all of Star Wars item.

So, in this chance, you have to feel like a Jedi as the Lightsabers that have returned for a limited time. Please, hurry up to get the Star Wars item now!

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