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Playing game on a maze island or map seems fun and challenging. You may want to plat it on Fortnite Creative so that now you need the codes of maze maps or islands. Here, we will give you information about that. So, keep reading until the end.

If you are looking for Fortnite Maze Creative codes, there are some of them that you can join and play. First, there is Escape Maze 2.0. This first Escape Maze was created by Creative user Pickles. This is a new version of it that fixes a lot of bugs and exploits in the previous build. This is a massive maze or puzzle room which was designed for solo play and there is not much here in terms of harmful obstacles. However, it remains a real test of brute force intelligence. The code of this map/ island is 4271-2914-0800. This code is good to use of you want to stream rage or just want to sit on the sofa and solve it with a group of friends.

Then, there is also Dungeon Prison. In Fortnite, Wertandrew has become one of the most prolific map makers and this particular project got a lot of attention from streamers. This map is the same as the Escape Maze above but in this map there is a little more nuance in its design. In this map, you will be rather than just walking from room to room. The prison themed effort combines some Fortnite Creative trends in one and some parts of the journey need basic puzzle solving. The code of this map is 5970-3385-0426.

Slides & Doors Escape Maze by mackjacktwitch can also be your choice to play. In this map, you will find a lot of corridors, doors, and traps. Nevertheless, you will be fun to play it. You have to get to the end and try not to die and try not to give up in the first hedge block since it is big. The code of the map/ island is 7100-9599-8973.

Do you want more Maze maps for playing? Here they are.

  • Laberygma. This map was created by Killerbunny. In this map, you have to be careful with the floor. The map code is 8320-3620-2493.
  • The Maze. This map was created by Ticktac_Monster. This map is a 10 level maze and you have to collect all jigsaw pieces to win. The map code is 9403-3099-3944.
  • Program Error Pt.1. This map was created by Puzzler. In this map, you have encountered a critical error and then you need to find your way through the corrupted system. The map code is 6939-3749-8074.
  • The Black Maze. This map was created by Meganob. In this maze, you are not able to see anything and the maze has parkour levels and you need to escape rooms. The map code is 2133-6955-6290.
  • Faze Maze Map. This map was created by Rogersttvbtw. In this map, you have to step up to one the hardest maze maps on the planet designed with inspiration by Cizzors. The map code is 8907-4189-1827.
  • Unstad’s Hotel Escape. This map was created by Unstad and it is a polished, high quality and fun escape map. Here, you have to escape the hotel to win. The map code is 1733-3158-9629.

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