Fortnite Modded Xbox Controller (Custom)

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Mega Modz is pleased to offer the Fortnite compatible modded controller built to improve your experience and gaming achievements. There are four effective mod options available for Fortnite Battle Royale: Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, Jump Shot and Quick Scope. Feel free to add all of them or just select the main Rapid Fire mod which performance is the most effective in the game.

With the thing called Rapid Fire, you will be able to unleash the max potential of your semi-auto and single shot weapons, as the mod will turn them into the fully-automatic ones. Auto Burst feature is another mod made to boost your shooting abilities by letting you to set a few shots in each burst. With Jump Shot, you will be able to defeat your opponents with ease by jumping in the air and firing at the same time. The last one called Quick Scope is such a great feature for snipers that will make scoping a hassle-free process. This one will scope in, take a shot and descope with a press of one button.

For your information, mods come with a set of options allowing you to personalize the performance of your controller the way you love it. You will be allowed to choose from the factory pre-set sub-mods and the program your own settings through a programming option. Apart from that, each Fortnite compatible feature will also work with a lot of popular shooting titles on the market. Call of Duty, Destiny, Divisions, and Battlefield are the best performing games for the mods.

Custom Fortnite Controllers

Apparently, playing in style is equally as important as playing with mods. The user-friendly, yet advanced Controller Creator will allow customizing the look of your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 Fortnite gaming controller to reflect your personal taste.

Here you will be allowed to change any stock parts of the product and substitute them with some custom elements different in design, material, texture, and color. The first step of customization is selecting a body for the controller, as this one will be a base all other parts will be matched to. A wide variety of custom designed, chameleon, hydro-dipped, chrome skins, and solid colored are available to choose. All that you have to do is to scroll down and you will be able to find the custom options for all the other controller parts such as d-pad, buttons, analog sticks, and any other add-ons.

For those who are not familiar with Mega Modz, it is a business of building custom modded controllers for Xbox and PlayStation from simple models with few design and functional modifications to state of the art custom designed gadgets with advanced multi mod sets installed to meet aesthetic and technical needs of the players around the world.

You need the product of Mega Modz if you want to constantly be on the list of top players, want to add extra abilities to your character performance, want to increase a controller usability through remapping buttons functionality, and want to have a unique looking modded controller.

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