Fortnite Monopoly Instructions PDF (Game Rules)

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If you are really excited to play monopoly Fortnite, definitely downloading the game rules from internet is not totally wrong for you. However, by learning the game rules of monopoly, of course, you will get a little bit skill before playing it. Then, to get the game rules of Fortnite monopoly is really simple for you.

Nowadays, many game instructions are provided in soft files, for example in the form of PDF. As we know that the format of PDF are often used for any purposes, not only for a game. Due to easy learn, definitely, many editors use PDF to present something. So as for Fortnite monopoly, the instructions are also available in PDF. But, do you know the way to download it in PDF?

If you are searching the game rules of Fortnite monopoly on your browser, definitely you will see many results. One of them is in PDF file. However, this can be an option for you to get the game rules in PDF easily. Unfortunately, the game rules of Fortnite monopoly in PDF are paid and you need to pay to get it.

The site that you can access to download the monopoly game rules is Scribd that you can get it via this link: By click this link, you automatically will be directed to the download page.

Before download it, you are allowed to choose two options in front of you. That’s about the bill that you have to pay. The first option, you have pay for about $5.11/ per month via Mobile Bill. Then, the second option, you can use the Credit or Debit Card. For this option, you can choose 30 days free, then, $5.11/ month. That’s your choice and make sure to select the best choice as your needs.

In this case, we cannot share the real content of monopoly game rules in PDF. But, we will forward the general game rules of monopoly that we found on some sources on the internet.

Object of the Game

Fortnite monopoly will make your way around the board claiming the locations, avoiding the Strom and battling with your opponents. Of course, the last player standing when all players have run out of HP wins.

The Game Elements

  • Health Points

What is this? This HP (Health Points) chips actually replace money. Definitely, you can get HP by rolling the dice, landing on Campfire board spaces or collecting the loot chest items. Need to know that you will lose HP if you have attacked by another player or you get yourself in the Storm.

  • Drop from The Battle Bus

At the beginning of the game, you can take turn putting your character anywhere on the board. This will make it easier to avoid getting attacked earlier in the game.

  • An Action Die

On your turn, you will move and activate an action like setting off a Boogie Bomb or building a wall on the board. Definitely, it will stop the player on that space.

  • The Storm Approaches

The player needs to draw a Storm card in every time the player passes. Indeed, the card will inform you which board that you have to cover with deadly Storm.

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