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In Fortnite, you may not be strange anymore with the skin called motorcycle skin. When you hear it, automatically your brain will direct to the skin for avatar riders. Of course, this skin is really suitable and reliable for you who are a motorcycle lover or maniac rider.

Due to many maniac riders in Fortnite, it definitely led Epic games to launch a skin related to players’ interests so that they will be cozier playing Fortnite. So, that’s why the motorcycle skin appeared in Fortnite some years ago.

As the launch of motorcycle skin, Epic Games is not half-hearted to launch skins as a part of motorcycle skin sets. It means that motorcycle skin is not a name of Fortnite skin, but it is the name of a set of motorcycle skin.

Certainly, there are some skins included as a part of motorcycle skin set in Fortnite either male or female look. Well, you can totally choose the motorcycle skin as you love.

So, in this chance, we are going to show the motorcycle skin sets that probably will help you to choose a great one. Here are they:


This skin is the name of one of the female motorcycle skin sets which comes with a female look. Whiteout here is to interpret the white color of the outfit which is worn by this skin. The Whiteout skin is a cool-looking costume with a white racing jacket and a pearl white racing helmet completed with pitch-black glass.

The Whiteout does not have the black metal outline, studs and details and instead features a cleaner appeal with more padding. You can totally purchase this skin by paying for 1,500 V-bucks.  Then, you can get the Ignition back bling as the part of this skin.


This is a part of the motorcycle skin set which comes with male look. The Burnout skin is also a part of the RPM set. It can be used for the Fortnite Battle Royale.

The Burnout skin presents a man who wears a cool black jeans and jacket along with a pair of black boots. It is also featured by a jet-black biker helmet which conceals the face of the avatar. This outfit also completes with a red undershirt and some red stripes.

You can get this skin by purchasing it from Item Shop with 1,500 V-bucks. Get your experience with all roads leading to victory by using this Burnout skin.


Redline skin comes with females who are wearing black tank-top and black pants featuring a pitch-black racing helmet decorated with two red lines. She also has a tattoo covered arm with a red arm-band.

This Redline skin is the name of an epic skin with a female look that you can use for Fortnite Battle Royale. Need to know that the Redline skin is as the female version of Burnout outfit. You can have this skin when you reach Tier 23 in Season 5 Battle Pass.

Well, those are the motorcycle skins that we can share to you. So, it is your turn to choose the great one which is probably good for your avatar.

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