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With the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, the players were treated to a new variety of Fortnite Mythic Weapons. You have to know that these new Fortnite Mythic weapons are gold tier guns that deal high amounts of damage. Besides, They can only be found in a few specific locations.

When you open this page, you may want to find out the list of Fortnite Mythic Weapons. Apparently, you are at the right page as here we are going to share Fortnite Mythic Weapons list. Even, we are going also to explain the way to get Fortnite Mythic Weapons. So, you do not be hesitate to keep reading this article until end. You are going to get the information you wanted.


The players are able to get their hands on one of six new Fortnite Mythic weapons by killing different minibosses. You will be able to find them guarding each of five new locations added to the island, along with a handful of Henchmen. For your information, five new locations added to the island are The Shark, The Agency, The Yacht, The Grotto, and The Rig.

When you land at one of the new locations, you are going to find a handful of NPCs patrolling the areas. There are going to be tons of Henchmen and one miniboss. If you want to get your hands on one of new Fortnite weapons, so you are going to need to find the miniboss and you have to kill them. Each of the minibosses is one of the main Chapter 2 Season 2 skins. Upon defeat, each will drop one of six new Fortnite Mythic weapons.


  • Brutus: Minigun
  • TNTina: Ka-Boom Bow
  • Skye: Assault Rifle; Grappler
  • Meowscle: Peow Peow Rifle
  • Midas: Drum Gun

According to the research, from the six new Fortnite Mythic weapons, Brutus Minigun and Midas Drum gun seem to be the most powerful. Well, in the text below, we are going to explain more detail about some Fortnite Mythic weapons.

Skye: Assault Rifle. It is one of six Mythic Weapons added into the Fortnite: Battle Royale. It is a Mythic version of the standard Assault Rifle, or as fans call it as the Super SCAR. It is one of the best weapons in the game at the moment.

Brutus Minigun. It is a unique type of gun which spits out small ammunition at an outrageous fire rate. But, its main difference from other sub-machine guns is its chaotic and unpredictable spray (Unlike the much more specific targeting on other guns). This Minigun used to fire non-stop, but was later received a nerf in Season 7 by applying an overheat effect that meant it could not be used for a period of time during cool down.

TNTina: Ka-Boom Bow. You are able to acquire the Mythic Boom Bow by eliminating TNTina at The Rig. Her Boom Bow does 75 damage, but it does 100 damage if you hit the player’s body. It takes three seconds to charge.

Midas: Drum Gun: It used Medium Bullets. The Drum Gun did not have first shot accuracy due to the fact that it is able to be hip-fired with while walking with decent accuracy at a fast fire-rate.

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