Fortnite Nintendo Switch Controller Settings (Sensitivity)

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Since the Fortnite pro gaming scene is dominated by the players who use PC with a few Playstation 4 and Xbox One starts mixed in, the community of Nintendo Switch Fortnite is often forgotten. Even though the Nintendo Switch scene might be the smallest of the Fortnite console gaming communities, there are still a big number of players on Nintendo Switch with more than 2 million Fortnite downloads as of 2018.

In order to show some love to the Fortnite players of Nintendo Switch, here are the best Nintendo Switch Settings, from the pro player called Prometheus Kane. For those who love Fortnite Battle Royale and are currently looking for the game on the Nintendo Switch, trying out the following settings would be a great place to start.

One of the best things from the setting of Prometheus Kane is the controller settings, especially about sensitivity. Everyone looks up to Prometheus Kane. If you think Prometheus Kane has the best controller settings (sensitivity), you can try to set your Nintendo Switch controller to the same settings as Prometheus Kane. Here is the detail of his Fortnite Nintendo Switch controller settings (sensitivity):

  • Controller Sensitivity X – 0.60
  • Controller Sensitivity Y – 0.60
  • Controller Targeting Sensitivity – 0.25
  • Controller Scope Sensitivity – 0.25
  • Invert View – Off
  • Sprint by Default: On

Setting up the controller of Nintendo Switch for Fortnite is not easy, so is choosing the controller. There are some recommended controllers that you can try while playing Fortnite on Nintendo Switch. The first one is Joy Cons. Those come with the Switch. Using the two may feel different at first because of the button placement, and small thumbsticks. You can try to enabling motion controls to help you to use the Joy Cons with more ease.

The second one is Pro Controller. If the first one is not for you, you might want to use this one. the button placement of it and the bigger thumbsticks give a familiar feel to the other console controllers.

After getting the suitable controller for Nintendo Switch, it is time for you to setting up your controls on Nintendo Switch. From the lobby, the first thing that you have to do is to open the menu by pressing the + button. Then, navigate and choose the Settings option from the menu.

There are four Control Schemes that you are able to choose from. Those include Combat Pro, Builder Pro, Old School, and Quick Builder. All of them are designed for different kinds of players. Please choose your scheme accordingly.

Combat Pro Controls is more suited for players who would like to play aggressively. Builder Pro Controls is designed for players who prioritize building over combat. Old School Control is designed after the control schemes of the other shooter. This one serves as a more comfortable introduction to the controls of the game. Quick Builder Controls is a simplified version of the Builder Pro scheme. This one makes it easier to access traps and also repair structures.

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