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Now, you are able to play and win in Fortnite Switch Japan Tournament. For those who earn 20 points or more are going to get the leaked Dark Tricea Ops outfit. You are able to win a prize with as few as 3 points. For your information, this Fortnite Switch Japan Tournament can be found by switching your region to Asia on the Nintendo Switch.

For those who are a Nintendo Switch player, if you want to play and win in Fortnite Switch Japan Tournament, so you are able to change your region to Asia to participate in the “Switch Cup Japan”. As we said before that if you earn 20 points, so you are able to unlock the Dark Tricera Ops Outfit and some other cosmetics. You have to know that the next tournament session is going to be occurring at 12pm to 12am PT.

In the text below, we are going to explain how Nintendo Switch players can get the leaked Dark Tricea Ops Fortnite skin for free.

You have to note that dataminers leak new Fortnite cosmetics in every patch update including the skins, emotes, wraps, pickaxes, and more. Not all of these skins are available in the Item Shop as some of the skins are part of packs. The Wavebreaker and Final Reckoning are the latest packs that added to the Fortnite store. In the v11.01 and v11.10 updates, there were some Halloween-themed cosmetics, most of which have been released in the Item Shop. One of the skins which has yet to be released is the Dark Tricera skin. It is a Halloween-themed reskin of the Tricera Ops skin. Dataminers assumed that this skin will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop similar to how the Peely Bone skin which is a Peely reskin, was available to buy in the shop. But, it seems the players in Japan are able t get the Dark Tricera Ops skin for free along with other cosmetics.

To get the skin for free, you will need a Nintendo Switch. Then, you have to join in Fortnite Switch Japan Tournament (Switch Cup Japan). You are able to change your region to Asia in the Fortnite settings in order to see the tournament in your playlist. After that, you have to earn 20 points in order to get the Dark Tricera Ops skin for free. The players are able also to unlock other cosmetics for acquiring 1, 10 and 20 points in the tournament. If the players get 1 point, so they are going to unlock the uncommon Kab-llama spray. The players that acquire 10 points are going to be rewarded with the Squid Striker Pickaxe and the Kab-llama spray. For those players that get 20 points, so they are going to get the Dark Tricera Ops skin, Squid Striker Pickaxe, the Kab-llama Spray and the Dark Hatchling Back Bling. For your information, there are two event dates for the Switch Cup Japan. The time for the second and final tournament begins at 10pm PT and will end at 12am PT.

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