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Some artists work with pastels, the other ones work in clay, and some toil with more abstract mediums, such as a thing called Creative Mode of Fortnite. Are all of them mad? Are they considered as visionaries? These following are 9 of the best Fortnite Creative music note block that have island codes.

Of the myrad island kinds being produced in Creative Mode – new game formats, amazing custom landmark, dank memes, and so on, some of the most impressive are music islands, that has the purpose to recreate the well-known sings or debut the original compositions through the colorful music blocks of Creative Mode. Some creators present their masterpiece as a sort of gigantic music box, that the player simply activates and enjoys. The others turn the player into Fortnite musicians themselves, by having them play the song manually whole traversing the level. When everything is done, either kind of music island is able to be a blast to experience.

The only real issue is finding those islands. The developer of Fortnite called Epic Games has no official database of user-created island codes, and they do not tend to appear on Reddit or the official Fortnite forum either. You can spend hours scouring the internet for musical islands worth your time, but why should you spend your time when we have already done it for you?

The first Fortnite note block creative code is 1305-1088-2452. This one is the code of Fractures by Illenium, FATALFOO. Aside from recreating one of the best EDM singles in the newest memory accurately, it also evokes the imagery of the album’s cover art in its level design, resulting in a full spectrum sensory experience that feels true to the source material,.

The second one is 3052-9052-9817. This one is the code of You Should See Me in A Crown by Billie Ellish, FATALFOO. It is another piece of FATALFOO. The rendition of the dark empowerment banger of the singer takes a little time getting off the ground, but it still manages to slap almost as hard as the real deal once it spools up.

The third one is 9983-1026-5759. This one is the code of Super Mario Bros. The theme of it is by Koji Kondo, Malloumario. Just like the Super Mario Bro’s first level that often used as a benchmark for new level editors, the music of the iconic stage is widely used to test the mettle of any sound sequencer. The rendition of Mallioumario is impressive not only for the accuracy but also for its clever use of boost pads to vary the tempo of the song.

The fourth one is 6219-9064-1856. This one is the code of PON PON PON by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, jespergran. The fifth one is 9685-9090-4388. This one is the code of Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65, MOSSEDAWGP1. The sixth one is 8955-1083-9097. This one is the code of Game of Thrones theme by Ramin Djawali, Idlm. The seventh one is 0930-0210-4701. This one is the code of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, Electric Pants.

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