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The good news for Mac users! Now, you can play Fortnite through the Windows app and install it on your Mac by using a great tool called Boot Camp. However, Fortnite on windows has better performance completed with excellent features that do not bother to set anymore.

If you are a Mac user, then, you want to run the operating system of Windows, now, it is not just a dream. As we know that Mac and Windows are mutually cons. Even though, it cannot be denied that both operating systems have advantages and disadvantages.

Generally, MacOS is suitable for users who do not want to be complicated with internal and outer component assembly procedures, while Windows is suitable for users who want to have complete control over the components used in their PC.

In this case, if you are a MacOS user who wants to run the Windows operating system, you can use the Boot Camp tool which is already available by default on your Mac device. Then, what is Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is well-known as a utility which comes with Mac. It lets you switch between windows and MacOS. With Boot Camp, you can totally install Microsoft Windows 10 on your Mac. Then, you can switch between Windows and MacOS when restarting Mac.

How to Install Boot Camp on Mac

Then, if you are interested to install Boot Camp on your Mac, you surely have to follow these ways below.

Step 1: Check Your Mac Version

Visit the web page to see if there is a Boot Camp update for the Mac model you are using.

Step 2: Backup all data on Mac

On MacOS, there are several options for backing up data, including using:

  • Time Machine
  • SuperDuper
  • Carbon Copy Cloner
  • Apple Disk Utility

You can choose one of the 4 backup options above.

Step 3: Creating a partition with Boot Camp Assistant

After you backed up all your data, it is time to create a partition by using Boot Camp Assistant.

Run the Boot Camp Assistant. Once it is launched, it will require a partition to put Windows 10.

To do this, you will need a Windows 10 ISO file which can be obtained from the official Microsoft website. This Windows 10 ISO file can be stored on an internal or external hard drive.

Step 4: Install Windows 10 using Boot Camp Assistant

During the Windows 10 installation process, you have to determine which drive will Windows 10 be installed on.

Regardless of how many hard drive partitions your Mac is, it is important to select a partition labeled BOOTCAMP. The partition name starts with the disk number and partition number, and ends with the word BOOTCAMP, eg “Disk 0 Partition 4: BOOTCAMP”.amp.

Step 5: Install the required Windows 10 drivers

You surely will need a Windows driver to guarantee the basic functions ranging from sound, display, and other connectivity so that it can be smoothly used through Boot Camp.

In this step, you check the box Download the latest Windows support software from Apple. After that, continue the Windows 10 installation process by clicking “Continue”.

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