Fortnite Patch Notes 12.40 (Update)

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As the developer of Fortnite named Epic Games announced, Fortnite Update 12.40 has been released. below are the full patch notes for this version. Apparently, Fortnite Update 2.67 is now available for download for every platform. What is new in Creative V12.40?

Jungle Temple and Diner prop gallery are updated. You can discover the new addition and how they may be the perfect missing piece to the decoration of your island. Talking about the islands, they must now have at least 1 tag on them in order to be published. The bug fixes of the islands include the phone that is no longer interact with the rift console on Hub islands, fixed the issue where islands with some Item Spawners and 20 more items stored experience severe time outs at the beginning of the game, and props in the island border that are deleted will no longer re-appear after reloading the island.

The bug fixes are not only related to the islands. Gameplay has also bug fixes. Those include fixed an issue where asymmetric team rotation could fail if all players on the smaller team left the game before all rounds were complete; solved an issue with some invisible devices appearing visible when scrubbing on replays; solved an issue where the Capture Area device zone is inaccurately scaled in replays; vehicles no longer continue to move after the player exits them after coming to a complete stop; solved an issue with Perception Trigger device sometimes losing track of players riding a vehicle; solved an issue where the Objective device UI shows off inconsistently after scrubbing in replay; solved an issue where the minigame round ends in draw after the spawn pads are destroyed and the player is damaged, with ‘Only Allow Respawn if Spawn Pads Found’ set to Onfixed an issue where players would be able to respawn in between rounds, allowing them to move freely before the next round started and bypass barriers; and solved an issue where lobby music would start, and continue, playing after finishing a round.

There were some bugs on weapons and items. Some of them have been fixed. What are those? First, fixed players remaining inside Sneaky Snowman and Creepin’ Cardboard when returning to the hub or starting a minigame while hiding in one. Second, fixed an issue where players wearing a Sneaky Snowman prior to starting a game, would retain the hidden state when the game started. Third, fixed an issue where the cannon would show 1 million shots in the clip and would reset every time the player started using the cannon. Fourth, fixed an issue where the ammo counter for the cannon is inconsistent.

When it comes to the creative tools and phone, made items are added to the quickbar from the drill in menu always get spawned grid aligned. All the items are copied from the world, even copied to the quickbar from an in world item, still retain the alignment of the copied item. To know more, please visit Guides Games.

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